Tuesday, March 20, 2007

To be? Or....not to be?

So, here's the problem. I mean, if you see the flaws in your relationship, and you can tell that they're not getting fixed, when is it best to pull the plug?

If it kills you to break it off, is that the best decision?

If you realize that the relationship is this close to being "the one" but it's just not quite there, is it time to throw in the towel?

If you look at other people who are simply glowing in their certainty that the person they're with is their other half, and then you realize that you don't feel that way at all - should you be more concerned that you're comparing your relationship to those of others, or that you're falling short every time?

People don't change unless they really want to, right? You can't do it for them. If someone isn't making you happy, you can't change that, and you should accept that it's just not going to change, right?

I guess that's my problem. I've never before just accepted that I can't do something. Bummer. I guess this hurting thing is just part of letting go, right?

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