Tuesday, April 17, 2007

So....why are you going?

The internet is an interesting tool. You can reconnect with just about anyone anywhere thanks to Google. Other "helpful" sites include Friendster, Facebook, and Myspace. I usually enjoy reconnecting with people I used to know - especially from college. But I have my days.... I usually alternate between describing Myspace as "a great tool for keeping in touch with those I love" and "it makes me feel like my past just threw up all over me."

Which brings me to the interesting situation that is old friends who should probably just remain old friends. Unfortunately, some "old friends" are more persistant than others. And you can't just keep putting them off....

I find that other women are more sympathetic to this plight than men. If a guy doesn't want to spend time with you, he'll put you off once and then never answer your calls again. Simple... elegant... gets the point across... he's just not that in to you, right? I would love to be able to proceed with this course of action.

Unfortunately, I have a conscience.

AND Myspace has an e-mail feature. Which shows the sender whether or not their message was read. It also shows the sender the last time you actually logged in to Myspace, so they know if you're ignoring them.

Deep down, I was raised in a religion that may or may not be known for using guilt as a great tool for motivation. So when an "old friend" is persistant enough to make plans with me, I have to go. When I explain to the boyfriend that I have plans but "I don't wanna go," he inevitably responds with, "So.... why are you going?"

Why indeed.

Well, because I'm an eternal optimist. It could be fun, right? Right?? I could have a fabulous time and the "old friend" could be upgraded to "friend." Right?

But mostly it's because I have a guilty conscience. I can't keep making up excuses to NOT go, knowing full well I could go if I really wanted to. I figure the best course of action here is to just bite the bullet, go, and let the "old friend" decide whether or not it was worth their time. I mean, it's one night, and in the grand scheme of things, one night doesn't matter all that much.

It's if I do it again that the boyfriend has the right to say, "So....why are you going?"

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