Friday, February 15, 2008

A short break from Peru

Sometimes, I wonder how I got lucky enough to find this job? Meet Olive. She's visiting today until her forever family comes and picks her up this afternoon. The picture doesn't do her justice. She's SO cute. Luckily, I can love on her and call her cute and give her kisses...and then send her home at the end of the day. Three dogs are all I can handle right now. Promise. I look longingly back on the days when all I had was Casey. Sigh.

Also seen at work...the flowers on my desk. Well played, dear boyfriend. Given my disdain for the holiday, he didn't resort to the cliché of roses, but (against my wishes) brought me flowers anyway. Apparently he's in on the secret that even the most cynical of hearts melts when confronted by flowers... Damn. Who told him? He even remembered to look for a boquet with Gerbera Daisies. I guess Valentine's Day brings out the best in all men?

Other random notes:
- I had a chem quiz yesterday that I'm fairly certain I aced. Woo to the Hoo! Unfortunately, in class immediately following, my professor mentioned quadratic equations. Do YOU remember quadratic equations? Me neither.
- I'm venturing out of my apartment tonight for dinner with friends, and Saturday night for game night with other friends. I feel like a normal person again. (though I'm sure my schoolwork will suffer.)
- I bought a book called "All About Us" and asked the boyfriend to fill it out with me if he absolutely felt he must get me something for Valentine's Day. He was as thrilled as you can imagine. (I wonder if the flowers were an attempt to get out of this?) Regardless, it's filled with interesting, thought provoking questions. As long as you're both honest, I recommend this book to anyone.
- It's COLD here. Like "dogs-run-out-to-do-their-business-then-turn-around-to-come-back-in" cold. I dislike cold. I need to move to California or something. Anyone want to pay my rent?
- The boyfriend's birthday is in a week and a half. Any suggestions for what I can get him?
- Tyson is currently on a regimen of drugs to help with his anxiety. I don't want to jinx it, but so far, it seems to be working. That's the good news. The bad news is that he's only on the drugs for 12 weeks. During that time, we're supposed to get him used to being in his crate (and NOT injuring himself). Fun.
- Starbucks is one of the most interesting places on the planet. Did you know that? When the ridiculously short hours for the library closest to my house end, I tend to move the studying to Starbucks. I've seen breakups, I've seen divorced parents doing the child swap, I've seen giggling high school girls (lots and lots of giggling high school girls)... I mean, you name it, I've seen it. I'll blog about this someday. Who knew?


alisa said...

Olive's head is HUGE! But she is pretty darn adorable!

Are you required to take your shoes off at work? (refer to picture of flowers)

Other random notes: Good job on the quiz. California is overrated - move to New England hahaha. Boyfriend deserves some sort of fishing gear. I wrote a new blog.

Jac said...

Congrats on the Chem test. I remember quadratic equations - need help?

I vote for moving to the Carolinas. Much more affordable the Cali and closer to me!

I think Nate would LOVE a trip to the Nation's capital to see sights and his favorite of your there's great hiking close by!

Olive is a great dog name.

Yes, I did know about Starbucks. I used to knit there with a friend a lot. Crazy-full of blog fodder!

Miss you!!

AnnD said...

That picture of Olive is sooo cute! Those eyes. I just want to kiss her (I don't hate all dogs, just my own). I love that book! I am going to get it!