Tuesday, August 05, 2008


"Oh my goodness! You get in at 11:45pm!"

"But I leave after work, mom."

"But so late! That's so late!"

"But I don't have to take Wednesday off."

"Oh. Oh. And it's about an eight hour flight..."

"Six hours if you ignore the whole time change thing."

"...so I guess that makes sense. Okay. But you don't get home until 9:53pm on Monday! You'll be so tired!"

"Yes. We're all about the cheap ticket here, mom."

"Is that why you make 50 stops on the way there and back?"

"Yep. Cheap. Ticket."

"I'm sure they would have had a non-stop flight for you."

"They did. I was looking at cheap. We're all about cheap here."

"Well, I guess we all have our priorities."

"Yes. And mine is cheap. Inexpensive. As close to zero dollars as possible."

"Are you checking a bag?"

"Are you kidding me?!"


alisa said...

Where ya goin?

Jaclyn said...

Where are you going? Why aren't you coming to NOVA? ;)

AnnD said...

Yeah. Do fill us in.

StaceyJ said...

I don't even have to know where you're going. I can just totally picture you having this conversation. Ha!
Oh...and I don't check bags if I can help it. Strange people searching through your stuff, or your luggage mysteriously disappearing, NO THANKS!

zlionsfan said...

Ha ha. I know where she went. :D

Back when I used to fly with the Wright Brothers, I would check my bags at the gate or even on the walkway to the plane ... as close to the plane as I could get with them. Of course, nowadays that probably costs extra.

I highly recommend the use of noncommittal responses during conversations such as this one ...