Friday, October 30, 2009


"Why are you in such a good mood?"

"Because it's Thursday night! I just took my second test of the week! I don't have homework due on Friday night, and I don't have to study for 16 hours this weekend!! So! Happy!!!!"

"How are you going to celebrate?"

"Well, Candy mentioned that she would like to have drunk Emily put in an appearance when we all go out on Friday night. She's never met drunk Emily, though she's heard the stories."


"I don't know, though. I've got a pretty full weekend of stuff to take care of. It would be irresponsible to drink. What do you think?"

"I think you should drink."

"But we also have a party to attend Saturday night. If I drink Friday night, I can't drink Saturday night."

"Why not? You took two tests, you can drink two nights. Besides. You "drunk" is like two drinks these days."


"Okay, one."

"Whatever. Jerk. Why are you.... Oh right! I forgot. You like drunk Emily. Of course you want her to come out."


"What? I'm silly when I'm drunk. Harmless fun."


"What?! You're making me nervous! Do I usually embarrass myself when drinking? What?!"

"'s just that I already have plans on Friday with this other girl who's sort of boring and less fun, and I'm trying to figure out an excuse to get out of them if drunk Emily is available."

"Wait, I thought WE had plans for Friday?"


"I hate you."


Candace said...

I believe I have meet drunk Ems...but you have not met drunk Candace. I don't think any of my friends have meet drunk Candace. It should be a treat for all. I have good drinks for us, yummy orange stuff. It is going to be good.

Farmerspice said...

Have fun and I wish I was there to witness and partake. I actually have a boring night of picking out paint colors planned. What fun.

zlionsfan said...

Actually, before you get to silly Emily, you get stubborn Emily first, and that's kind of difficult.

However, I'm glad that you got your test done and were able to plan a weekend of fun.