Sunday, February 14, 2010

VD came, and VD went (with a little buyer's remorse)

It's that time of year again.

I have friends who love love LOVE February 14th, and get flowers and jewelry - the whole nine yards. I celebrate with them. If that makes them happy, then it makes me happy as well. I'm still a girl - I love a good romantic story as much as the next girl. Tell me all about what your husband/boyfriend/significant other did for you. Yay love!

Me? I don't want that. Save your money. Don't buy me flowers - my cat might eat them and they might be poisonous. Do you want to be responsible for killing my cat? Let's buy tickets to go see the Colts play next season. Infinitely more romantic from my perspective. Better yet? Spend Thursdays with me and don't complain when I watch Survivor and root for Colby. Commiserate with me when he's voted off, or celebrate with me when he wins. Even if you don't care. THAT'S what I want.

That doesn't make me bitter or angry or a VD hater. It's just a different perspective. I don't try to get other women to do as I do, I just don't choose to participate in this particular tradition. And that's okay. Personally, after the way I spent this February 14th, I don't think my life is lacking any in people that I love who also love me. There are multiple points of view in the world. Sometimes I have to remind myself that it's good to remember that.

So I say enjoy VD whatever way you do or can. Or not. Whatever. But tell me all about it whether there were flowers, diamonds, or pizza in front of the TV involved. Me? I wore red, ate waffles with two of my favorite people, fruitlessly studied organic chemistry and then squeezed in some quality time with my favorite boy and my favorite dog. No commercialization involved. Just another Sunday.

On a more important topic, I purchased a dress today and am feeling a bit of buyer's remorse. I drove past the dress for over a week before I absolutely had to purchase it lest someone else get to it first. (In case you hadn't noticed, I don't generally react this way to clothing.) The problem is that it was full price. Not too expensive, but still. Emily doesn't like paying full price. So I'm torn. Keep it or return it. So I decided to handle this decision the way I would handle any big decision... I'll let the internets decide.

So, internets... To keep the dress, or not to keep the dress? That is the question. (But don't forget to tell me about your VD too!!)


Anonymous said... you even where dresses....I mean outside of the times you make other people go to the "Smiley's Adult Prom?"

Anonymous said...

wear....wear dresses....

alisa said...

Keep the dress!! Keep the dress!! The money is already spent and it's adorable!

I share your Valentine's Day opinion. However, considering that, I was still spoiled with flowers, an amazing dinner and a chick flick "Valentine's Day" ... and it was all wonderful :)

AnnD said...

Keep the dress. As Alisa said, the money is already spent. I would love to find a dress that I was that passionate about.

I refuse to celebrate VD. I think it's lame...and I have a hubby who would totally go for it too! But, I truly believe it is a Hallmark-created holiday to sell cards and stuff nobody really wants...seriously, I'm 31. I don't need a cute little teddy bear holding a heart. Where am I going to put it the rest of my life?

punkinmama said...

You use "VD" on purpose don't you?

Anyway, I think we all need to see pics of you in the dress before we fully decide! (But it IS cute!)

JennyG said...

Yes to the Dress!! :) My VD gifts were candles picked out by the boys (with Paul's help) and some cute cards. My favorite was John's card where Paul wrote everything John said...something along the lines of "I love you Mommy and I want to buy you things for Christmas". The kid cracks me up...