Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Bunny!!!

Fact - Last Thursday, April 22nd, was my last organic chem lab ever. Well, until I get into vet school (note the confidence.)

Fact - Tomorrow night is my first of three finals

Fact - I haven't yet turned to Taco Bell and regular Coke.

Hypothesis - I'm handling things pretty well so far.

Fact - I've gotten word that the final tomorrow is much more difficult than anyone anticipated

Fact - That news almost made me want to get a regular Coke. Unfortunately, zlionsfan has banned me from ever imbibing caffeine and sugar at the same time. However, he didn't outlaw JUST caffeine. Diet Mt. Dew FTW!!!

Fact - I've pretty much decided to live at the home of my chemistry genius friend until our final next Wednesday, May 5th.

Fact - My test scores have increased by 20 percentage points since studying with my chemistry genius friend.

Fact - My chemistry genius friend is the friend who lives with a bunny.

Hypothesis - This makes studying much more enticing.

Fact - last night when I got out of class early, I called the boy and invited him to dinner. He turned me down cold. Instead, I went to study with my genius chemistry friend. Have I mentioned that she's the one with the bunny? Anyhow, when she said I could come over, I asked if she was hungry and offered to bring dinner. She said that they were already making dinner and did I want to join them? They were having steak. Did I like steak?

Fact - while consuming steak and studying, I also managed to get head-butted by an "aggressive bunny."

Fact - I didn't cause it. A cat did. I was just an outlet for outrage.

Fact - it was the most adorable intimidating gesture I've ever seen.

Hypothesis - I'm in love with the bunny. I'm pretty sure you would be too, if you met him. Luckily, I took a picture so that you can judge for yourself. Go ahead and feel free to let me know if my hypothesis is correct.

Fact - I will spend the rest of the evening studying. Feel free to pray for me.

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Candace said...

Ahhhhh the bunny is cute. I am glad that he has made organic chemistry an easier pill to swallow.