Friday, June 04, 2010

To help you get in the World Cup spirit

Just in case you didn't take my last suggestion to watch the World Cup seriously, here's a primer of sorts.

And just for kicks I'm including the picture of Benny because, um, yum.

And also there's that whole competition thing. And like I've mentioned before, there's nothing like when your team wins....especially if they're the underdog. Which we are, by the way. By quite a bit.

So mark your calendars now - June 12th, USA vs. England.

(Don't worry - another blog post with more substance is brewing. But first I must capture the illustrations...)


The Carrels said... your blog is in my google reader and i've been skipping over it because of my lack of interest in the World Cup...but could have said, "world cup = hottie-pa-tottie soccer player" and I would have been the first to click on your link!

if he can't get me in the spirit...there is no spirit!

ems said...

This comment just cracked me up. Just the lift I needed today. Thanks for that. If you click on the link for the "primer" they count down the top 10 hottest players...