Monday, July 19, 2010


This is the grave of poet James Whitcomb Riley.It is the highest point in Indianapolis. This hill is located in Crown Hill Cemetery. And it's located about a mile from my house.

Even though it's the highest point in Indy, it's difficult to grasp the magnitude of the hill it sits upon. The hill has many twists and turns. When you're standing at the bottom (which is still up a slight incline) you see this:And then, when you trudge up to the second left, you see this:And then, when you think you're in the home stretch, after you trudge even more slowly to the first right, you see this: (which is the steepest incline of the entire hill)But when you make it to the top, it's all worth it when you look down and see that you've conquered this:And it's even sweeter when you see this:But do you know when it's the sweetest?

After you've just ridden your bike all the way to the top for the very first time.

All the way to the top.

Without stopping.

On your bike.

Especially if, say, you've tried and failed several times in the past to ride your bike up the hill, and it's gotten to the point where the hill has become sort of a nemesis for you.

A nemesis that you've just made your bitch.

Today was a good day.


AnnD said...

Did you take that top picture? That's really good!

Oh yea...the bike ride.....great job!!!

I'm easily side-tracked by good photos...

ems said...

Of course not. It's from the wiki page about James Whitcomb Riley. I have a point and shoot and no creative vision. I can't take pictures like that :-)

Candace said...

I am jealous that you did it before me. I will conquer it. I will conquer it.


Farmerspice said...

I hate that hill! It's great for workouts but hell for a walk! Atta Girl!! Now, don't make me do this when I ride with you. I'm in some serious trouble.

zlionsfan said...

Quoting Ice Cube? Very nice.