Friday, August 12, 2011

Will Clean for WiFi

Other than not having access to the internet at my new home (sniff) I'm all settled in. I mean, sure, there are still pictures (and a wine rack) to hang, and I have to do a good pass through with the vacuum, but otherwise, all moved in. And everything is roses.

A couple of things to mention.

Apparently Indianapolis is a big city. A big city that has its own channels. Like an ABC affiliate, and NBC affiliate, etc. So if a girl doesn't have cable, but has an antenna, she can still see the shows that she loves on network TV. But, um, in Lafayette Indiana, there is no such luxury. Which means that if a girl doesn't want to pay for cable, she's gonna be watching a lot of TV online (and a lot of DVDs during the summer.)

Can you imagine me with no internet and no TV? Also, seriously, if I'm your friend on Facebook and you post TV show spoilers, I will unfriend you. Immediately. No questions asked. You have been warned.

I'm currently camped out in the living room of my good friend Ann. She is generously sharing her WiFi with me. So I can get my fill of Facebook, blogs, online celebrity gossip. You know, the important stuff in life.

And some schoolwork.

Casey is sick and tired of new people and new places. She would like it very much if we could return to Indianapolis, please. We visited last night, and when she got out of the car in her old front yard, she didn't even try to run in the door. She just stood in the front yard with her tail wagging slowly from side to side. It broke my heart. She's just now gotten to the point where she will kennel in the new house without complaint and without freaking out a la Tyson. I think she's been the most difficult part of this move. It's like an unfiltered physical manifestation of all of my sadness and anxiety about leaving the city I've called home for the last 15 years.

I just hope she adjusts soon.

The boy is having similar adjustment issues. I think we've spoken on the phone more since I left town (four days ago) than we have during the entire time we've been dating. Of course, I would be lying if I didn't say that I missed him too. A lot.

I miss everything in Indianapolis. I think I need classes to start to keep me busy.

The cat is having no such issues. Laney loves the new house. She loves the windows and the sunshine, and the new rooms and closets to explore. She's gotten into the habit of pawing (clawing) open my closet door in the mornings to wake me up and make me feed her. Yesterday I closed the closet door after my breakfast and later on that evening I heard a very polite pawing sound coming from somewhere. I opened the closet and Laney walked out and thanked me for letting her out, oh and could she have some food now please? Today I found out that she has chosen inside my closet on top of my plastic drawers and just under the clothes as her place of choice to nap. Great. I'll never be without cat hair on my clothes now.

At least I'll spend all of my time around people who will probably understand.


Jaclyn said...

It will definitely be better once you are in your new routine. At least visiting Indy is just a short drive!

punkinmama said...

No internet and no TV? I didn't think it was possible to live that way.

I bet things will get easier once classes start. You won't have time to miss Indy then!

(Indy misses you too!)

AnnD said...

I hope you don't get WiFi just so you HAVE to come over here and hang out! :O)

AnnD said...

And I think you forgot to mention that you cleaned our entire porch while you were here! It was so awesome and so guilt-inducing for me!!

ems said...

I did not clean your porch. I just organized it. There was no cleaning involved.

And it should not induce guilt for you. I used your WiFi liberally while I was there, your husband fixed the low tire pressure in my tires (and noticed the screw in my tire) AND your daughter told me that I have a pretty smile. That was payment enough. :-)

AnnD said...

FYI: The organization IS the worst part. The picking up of toys and putting them away takes up far more time than any cleaning task. My mom offered to give a year's worth of Merry Maid's service after Jameson was born. I was like: "Hell no! I would have to have my entire house picked up, everything off of the counters and KEEP it like that until they decide to get there. It just isn't possible." There needs to be a cleaning service where they come pick up toys and put them away so Mom can do the actual cleaning (vacuuming, etc...)

saUUUUUce said...

You should be able to get those OTA channels. Living in Indy just let you buy a cheap crappy antenna. Now that you are further from the transmitters you'll need an antenna with more gain. Shoot me your address and I'll find you an antenna that will pull in your precious tv drama's and sitcoms.