Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Like a mole, I tell you.

There was a graduation song that had the advise "Be kind to your knees. You'll miss them when they're gone." After my issues with knee pain brought on by a golfer running late, I understood.

Now, I think it should be edited to read, "Be kind to your eyes. You'll be blind as a bat if you don't. Oh, and wear your damn glasses."

After about a week of studying during every free minute (with a brief hiatus to celebrate my brother's birthday - Happy 25th, little bro - and to have the best dinner out EVER with old friends) I officially can't see. I mean, the can't-read-street-signs-until-I'm-on-top-of-them, bright-lights-have-halos, forget-about-the-projector-in-the-lecture-hall kind of can't see.

Yes, I have glasses. Yes, they're prescription for distance. No I do not wear them regularly. It's not completely vanity. It's more that I lose things that are not attached to me, and I flat out refuse to wear those hang-your-glasses-around-your-neck things. It's amazing to me that I still have a cell phone. I don't even carry a purse because I don't like keeping track of things. So no, I don't wear my glasses.

And yet, today I have no choice. (Note: my favorite Starbucks guy says they make me look intellectual. Then I proceeded to order the wrong thing and he commented that looks aren't everything. Such is my life.) So I'm out in my glasses, and, oh yes, my brain is fried. Fried. Like using-the-wrong-word-to-describe-things fried. I needed stamps and sent the boyfriend to the post office for a sheet of paper. (Luckily he's fluent in Emily speak and knew what I was getting at.)

Both of these maladies are directly tied to the fact that I had three tests in the last 48 hours. One was officially called a quiz, but it was an hour long, so I'm calling it a test.

And people? I took a beating on these tests. I mean, I don't know that I did really well on any of them. That hurt. I like to think that I'm pretty intelligent if I do say so myself, but this whole school and work thing is killing me. I keep thinking that I'm not using every spare minute efficiently (which I'm not) but there has to be some downtime to myself, right? Or is that just a luxury that I can't afford right now? Luckily I have no more assignments/tests due this week. Just a presentation, test, and quiz next week. I wish I were kidding.

But the point of this is that, while I realize that in the grand scheme of things - 30 is the new um....30, I don't see any 18-year-olds complaining that they can't see the writing on the gigantic projection screens that line the front wall of the lecture hall. All of a sudden, I feel old. And tired.

May 3rd can't come soon enough.


Brian said...

I'm the same way with my glasses. Don't usually wear them unless its night time, and I'm driving. How much longer until you're done with school? It sounds like so much fun. I would by you a drink sometime, but we never actually go out, just to Cory and Lynn's house.

AnnD said...

I'm sorry m'dear! I can't imagine how busy you are, how stressed you much be with working full time and school!! I would end up having a Britney-Spears-level breakdown. And you DO need to have time to yourself. As long as you get the needed grades, it doesn't matter. I always thought that it wasn't worth it if the difference between a 98% on an exam and a 90% was 3 more hours of studying, it wasn't worth it! They are both A's!!