Thursday, November 13, 2008

Confessions of a Teen Drama Addict

Confession: I watch Gossip Girl. RELIGIOUSLY.

Like, I don't have cable TV, and the CW4 only comes in if I'm standing in a certain position in my living room with the antenna balanced on Casey's head, but I don't care and I'll give Casey a whole box of treats if it will keep her still for that one hour on Monday nights to watch Gossip Girl. It's seriously that bad. I'm only glad that they moved Monday Night Football to ESPN (which is obviously only a cable channel) so there's no chance of a conflict.

(I know, right? I'll bet I'm the only female on the planet who's torn between MNF and GG. If there are others out there, you should definitely email me. We can hang out sometime!)

There are still other TV shows that I catch on occasion... Grey's Anatomy, Survivor, ANTM... But it's only GG that is an obsession. It's all about the teen drama. And Blair? I heart Blair. She's so deliciously evil. I've tried to explain this to the boy, even offering this article as proof that he should watch it, but he won't get involved. He tells me that Grey's Anatomy is as far as he's willing to compromise.

(It's okay. I prefer swooning over Dan when the boy's not around anyway. Besides, he doesn't have as much time on the computer as I do, so he probably wouldn't get to enjoy this gem which just adds to my love of the show.)

Along those same lines, I'm lately addicted to this blog. It's been brewing for a while. In fact, I liked it from the first read, and innocently suggested it to my cousin that day. I'm going to go ahead and send out an apology to her now if she's as hooked as I am. This blog doesn't have the same scheming that GG has, but... What can I say? I'm a sucker for a girly romance. I'm a sucker for the possiblity of happily ever after. I'm a sucker for teen drama. (Note: the blog is fiction... you should know that going in. Trust me, it doesn't take anything away from the story.)

You would think I have too much time on my hands. Trust me, I don't. I just squeeze these things in when I'm SUPPOSED to be studying. I'm thinking I can list them on my application for vet school. You know, to show I'm a well rounded person.



zlionsfan said...

Perhaps your grade reflects your studying habits? :D

Hey, it's not my fault I picked a plan of study that fits nicely with my habits (kind of) so I can still get As ...

I think you should ask for DirecTV for Christmas.

cgogis said...

Okay regarding that other blog:
1) Thanks for giving me a new addiction. I just wasted I don't know how much time reading every entry!
2) I had no idea you were a "fiction" writer.
3) If that's not your blog, there's no way it's fiction. Nope, won't believe it's made up.

Candace said...

Thanks one more reason to not work...and to play!

ems said...

The author originally wrote that blog as though it were true...but when it got so popular, she came clean. I originally didn't even KNOW it was fiction. I think I was crushed at first, but the story's got me so hooked that I decided I don't mind anymore. As long as she keeps writing :-)