Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

Time for the NCAA tournament.

I know, I know. I'm not so much a huge basketball fan. But there are a couple of things about the NCAA tournament that tip the scales to make it one of the more fun events of the year.

1) I live in Indiana. We, um, sort of like our basketball here.
2) I have friends who get ridiculously excited about this tournament. Like, take-two-days-off-work-to-watch-all-the-games excited. It's like Christmas for them, and it's impossible to not get swept up in the anticipation.
3) I get to watch sports and eat food all day long.
4) My Alma Mater is in the tournament, so I have someone specific to root for (instead of making a huge effort to feign some semblance of support for Purdue.)
5) Bracket picks make the whole thing that much more fun

I have a long standing tradition of picking my Alma Mater to go all the way in the tournament. It dates back to, oh, 2003? And it's ridiculous. Butler is not going to win the tournament. It's just not going to happen. And by picking them, I risk a repeat of this year where my will power was sorely tested. But I really and truly believe that someone who picks winners randomly has just as much of a shot at winning as someone who does all their research and knows the teams inside and out. And if they're in the tournament (and ranked decently,) there's always a chance that my team could win.

And so this year was no different.

Don't be a hater. If you think my bracket is ridiculous, remember that I'm not trying to actually win money. I'm just hoping that my school goes all the way. So think good thoughts about Bulldogs today around 12:20pm EST, if you don't mind. A certain hyper-competitive, Italian/Peruvian Butler grad will appreciate it.

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The Carrels said...

Many years ago Chris and I sat at the Bulldog (aka Moe and Johnny's) from Noon to after midnight...12 hours of basketball...we had 3 different severs and spent over $100 on food and drinks for the day...but it was awesome!