Monday, April 20, 2009

Friday Conversation

"Do you remember that blogger that I talk about all the time?"

"Which one?"

"The one who took the picture of the dog that's not mine but is still my desktop picture at work?"

"Right. She's the one who wrote that post about Chuck that you made me read because you laughed so hard that Coke came out of your nose."

"Correct. That one. She wrote a book."

"Is that what you're reading?"

"Ummmm Hmmmm. Check it out. Look at the first page."

"It's blank."

"Keep flipping."

"To Emily, Much Love, Heather B. Armstrong... No shit? That's awesome! Where did you get this?"

"From the most awesome cousin in the whole wide world."

"Wow. That really is awesome. What a perfect gift. This is the sort of thing that I would do if I was a good boyfriend, right?"


"Maybe I should call her for lessons."

"Um, I don't think even SHE is that patient..."

(All facetiousness aside, thanks a lot, cuz. I'm nowhere near done, but so far the boy and I have gotten endless laughs out of certain passages, and she's convinced me 110% that I don't need to ever be pregnant. Ever.)


Becoming Grace said...

*mwah* I read it so fast and am contemplating a second reading. There were a lot of commenters saying it was just taking her old blog stuff and making it a book. There were more details there that I didn't know about, and getting to read it all like that convinved me that I am so ready to get pregnant! ;)

ems said...

I never read her archives, so it's all new to me :-)

I have no doubt you'll get pregnant and be a great mom. I just fear that every single one of those horrible things she talks about going through would happen to me. Every. Single. One. After all, my hormones don't behave when I'm NOT pregnant. I shudder to think....

Candace said...

It is really nice to get such a personal gift.

alisa said...

Kudos to your cousin for such a thoughtful gesture.

Lemme know how the book is. I've contemplated reading hers and Shreve's ...