Monday, July 13, 2009

Tough Grrrrrl

Um, so I went into my kitchen this morning and found this in my sink. Trying to crawl OUT of my sink, actually. Luckily, the sink was NOT full of dishes, and he couldn't seem to make it up the smooth sides of the stainless steel sink.

There was screaming. Oh yes. There was quite a bit of screaming. Um, the picture has nothing for perspective, but the thing was HUGE. At one point I even put the cat in the sink to see if she could take care of the... problem. Unfortunately she was more interested in eating her breakfast that I had foolishly already served. She assured me that she would be back later, but really, how much do you trust a housecat? She prefers flying insects anyway.

So after much shrieking and some wailing and then considering and rejecting several possibilities for exterminating the bug (i.e. calling the boy (or zlionsfan) at 7:30am to come over and assist) I did what any girl would do in my position. I took a picture for my blog (with mega zoom because there was no way in HELL I was getting close to the bug that I was sure had the single minded purpose of sucking my brain out,) and then turned on the water.

Problem solved.

I won't go into how long it took to drown him. How much of a fight he put up, and how he could actually withstand the highest water pressure I could turn on in my sink. Not only withstand it, but continue crawling forward. Holy Shit!

In related news, I'm moving out tonight. Anyone want to come help me pack?


Candace said...

You know...once we start feeding those cats they become worthless and don't do their household duties. The most that Mickey will do is point out that there is a bug and request that I take care of the problem.

Moore said...
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Moore said...

Now, these insects that are/or look like millipedes or centipedes, I will kill. They seem to like water and occasionally visit my garage when it rains.

alisa said...

Those ones are scary because they are so wiley and quick.

I'm proud of you for taking care of it yourself.

And Laney is getting lazy!

punkinmama said...

Can you take that picture down and just put a link up? Seriously, I do not need to see that again?

I'm not sure what I would have done... besides screaming, I mean. See, that's another pro to add to the "reasons to get married" list!

zlionsfan said...

Just for future reference, I am not making a 90-minute round-trip drive to address a bug issue for someone whom I do not see horizontally, so if you were to make a call like that, and if a) I woke up and b) answered the phone, the best you'd get from me would be instructions on how to kill bugs.

And keeping in mind that I classify bugs into four categories (kill by fingers, kill by paper towel/Kleenex, kill by foot, kill by spray - that's for the ones with stingers), I doubt my advice would be helpful.

AnnD said...

I hate those things with all of the legs! They are so prehistoric looking that it freaks me out...I hate centipedes and millipedes too!

danimal said...

I had earwigs in my house. Yes, earwigs.