Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thank you, IUPUI, for taking the majority of my salary each month and forcing me to subsist on a diet of ramen noodles and parmesan cheese. I'll remember you when I'm making scads of money, um....running a low cost animal clinic. Yeah.

Thanks to the boy for putting up with me for over five years (!!!) and still making me laugh on a regular basis. (when he's not making me cry...or want to throttle him...) And thanks again for taking out my trash last night because you know I always forget, and there was no more room in my trash can for another week's worth of refuse. I love how you randomly notice and do things like that.

Thanks to you, Casey for FINALLY chilling out this year. I loved the puppy years, but something tells me that the dog years will be that much better.

Thanks to my mother for only being slightly frosty after I explained that I would not be heading to the homestead for Thanksgiving. I need to relax, mom. I haven't said much (because what's the use in complaining really) but what I'm doing is tough. And while I can handle it, it's only by the skin of my teeth. So I'm tired. I need to sleep and catch up on things at home. The thought of four! whole! days! with no school and no work makes me happier than anything else could right now. Thank you for giving me that gift. I am more grateful for you and dad than I could ever express, and I can't wait to see you at Christmastime.

Thanks to the friends that I won't get to see this holiday season. You guys crack me up on a regular basis. I love each and every one of you, and the worst part of being so busy lately is the lack of time I get to spend with you or talking to you.

Specific thanks to Candy for organizing a weight loss challenge that spurred me to lose 10lbs. I truly appreciate you giving me motivation when I had none but needed it badly. FYI, after the dinner we ate today I'm going to need you to go ahead and organize another one. kthxbai.

Thank you, cuz. You rock. We played Rock Band to celebrate turkey day and I totally thought of you guys.

Thanks, z. There really aren't words. (Seriously still can't believe that you know how to cook turkey. It was fantastic btw.)

I'm going to go ahead and give a tentative early thanks to my organic chem professor for passing me this semester. (ohpleasepleaseplease)

Thanks, Minnesota for beating Butler's basketball team today. Best we get any losses over with early in the season. Hopefully this will be our only one. (and then maybe my bracket picks won't be so ridiculous.)

Thank you for every blog comment that you leave. I love the interaction and that I can keep you entertained. Keep 'em coming and I promise to do my best to write regularly.

What are you thankful for? Leave me a comment. Real or facetious, I would love to know.

PS. It was Casey's birthday yesterday. She turned four. I think I'll keep her. Look at that picture again. She's so cute. In fact, I think I'll keep both of them.


Danimal said...

I am thankful that you forgot to have me pay off our Purdue/Butler bracket bet last year, and that the statute of limitations has expired and I am no longer responsible. And I am thankful that we'll get to have another one this year.

Stub said...

I am thankful that my dog Toby is STILL here, 15.5 years later, and in pretty good health for an old dog.

Happy Birthday Casey!!

zlionsfan said...

I am thankful for my cats, my friends, and my relatives.

I'm thankful that this year, instead of being flat-out impossible, it is actually somewhat possible that a Purdue-Butler bracket bet might not resolve itself until ... well ... let's just say the result would be close to home for some of us. (No, you can't buy tickets.)

Turkey breast is easy. I've done a full turkey before; it's more of a pain in the butt and really not worth it if you don't have enough people there.

I missed pie and rolls, but I'm also thankful I lost almost a full pound yesterday.

Jaclyn said...

Thank you, Em, for your blog. I love keeping up with you this way, even if we don't talk as much as we should.

The dog years are much better - and then you'll have a retired senior citizen like I do. :)

Glad to see your giving the boy some credit lately - I think this is a good sign!!

I was disappointed by the Butler game (though thrilled it was on national tv and I could actually watch!) I hope the loss just makes them tougher for the rest of the season - at least it was a ranked team!

ems said...

Danimal - I didn't forget. Trust. I just love the actual winning more than the actual act of making someone pay up on a bet. (Plus, I hate it when someone makes ME pay up...)

Stub!!! - You stopped posting! I thought you were gone forever! I miss stories about Toby.

zlionsfan - I didn't lose any weight yesterday. But are you really surprised?

Jac - I was disappointed too. It was a bummer to see them lose, but I do think it will make them tougher. I hope you had a great turkey day, and I want you to know that we spent a good chunk of time discussing your wedding and the fantastic soundtrack that you chose.

Candace said...

I am thankful that I had a STRESS-FREE HOLIDAY...that hasn't happened in a VERY long time.

BTW...Thanks to Z for cooking a great meal. Yummy!!!

Ohh...and reminding me that I do like to play games. I may have rocked out to some Guitar Hero at Lou's house tonight. You are lucky you missed the singing and dancing.

Stub said...

Well I did post twice last month. Hee! I intend to do more...

This stupid blogger comment thing will never EVER let me comment when I try to use my Livejournal ID so I just went Name and hoped you'd know who I was. :)

punkinmama said...

I am thankful that you continue to post on this blog, because you make me laugh.

I'm also thankful for the best husband ever and the cutest/sweetest boy in the world!