Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Blog Posts from the Edge

I've never been on the edge of a nervous breakdown before. The view is nice from here. People treat you with a sort of careful friendliness. Everyone should try it.

The short story is that I am Stressed. Out.

The long story includes classes and homework and planning ahead and this plane that is scheduled to take me to Peru at 8:30am on January 16th, which leaves me not quite enough time to get everything done...which means something's gotta give, and I'm terrified that it's my packing which would mean that I'll show up in Peru with underwear and a toothbrush and nothing else.

I know, I know. How can I find time to post when I've got fifty billion other things to do? Simple - I need a break to hang on to the frayed edges of my sanity.

The boyfriend left yesterday for his company's national sales meeting. (this means that it's just me and the dogs....which means that my lunch hours are now "dog walking hours"...class ensures that I don't get home in the evenings for their walks otherwise...sheesh!!) His flight was at 11:15am. I had to be at work at 7:00am in order to leave for class at 4:00pm. Even though I happen to think the Indianapolis International Airport is a happenin' place to be, the boyfriend opted NOT to get there five hours early, but instead to take a taxi to the airport at 9:00am. Which lead to the following phone call at 9:20am.

"Emily? I need you to come pick me up and take me to the airport."
"I can't! I'm at work. I need my lunch hour to go home and walk the dogs."
"My taxi just got into a wreck."
"Yeah. He got hit by a maintenance truck when pulling out of our complex. We're okay, but the driver can't open his door. He can't take me. He said another taxi would take a while to get here."

At this point I had a mini breakdown while I calculated that I could just get to my complex by 9:50am, and then to the airport by 10:20am...he could still make his flight. My very understanding boss let me go (I think he recognized the signs of an impending breakdown) and the boyfriend was at the airport by 10:20 and on his flight by 10:45. Whew.

I mean, who does this stuff happen to?

I did get out of Biology lab early last night, so I guess I should count my blessings. That extra time allowed me to stop at Target for last minute travel items and finish up my Chemistry lab homework while still getting to bed before midnight. The dogs all got rawhide chews so they would keep still. Call me crazy, but I think they like it when I'm stressed.... Lots of treats. Anything to make mommy feel less guilty for ignoring them in favor of Chemistry labs.

Tonight I have to leave work at 4:00 to take a Chem quiz early that I would otherwise miss. Then I have Chemistry lecture at 6:00 and lab immediately following. I should get home around 11:00pm. Then I have to pack. I can't forget to take my Chemistry lab manual with me, as well as my notes on Chapter 13 because I have a test and a lab due on Tuesday the 29th. (I get home at noon on the 27th.)

What about Biology? Well, right now I'm treating Biology like the bastard child and ignoring it. I have no choice. That test isn't until February 6th, so I'll worry about it when I get home.

I've gotten to the point where I can say these things matter-of-factly. I look at the amount of crap that I have to get done in the next 24 hours, and the amount of crap I have to prepare for when I get home, and I wonder why exactly I thought it would be a good time to take an international trip?

Oh yes. I'm turning 30. That's right.

I should be old enough to know better.

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Jac said...

Breathe! Breathe! It will be ok. :) Call me if I need to overnight anything to Peru for you...