Thursday, June 05, 2008

Lots of Crap, Little Apartment

So I'm moving. I'm moving from a very large three-bedroom-with-attached-garage apartment to half of a double with one bedroom. One small bedroom. (But it has a basement!! Can't forget the spider-infested, dark, dank, Emily-will-probably-never-do-laundry-again basement!! For some reason, everyone always tells me this (minus the adjectives) when I talk about my new place.)

And yet, even knowing the size difference, for some reason I didn't think that my stuff would be affected. After all, I lived in a one bedroom apartment before the boy, surely I can live in a one bedroom apartment after the boy just as easily.

Um, no.

There have already been sacrifices. I'm pretty sure I'm going to receive some sort of award from Goodwill for the number of bags I've taken over there in the last three days. All my beloved movies that happened to be on VHS tapes? Axed. VCR? Axed. I originally thought I would have to put the dining room table down in the basement but after careful measurements, I think it will fit in the living room and will serve as my study table. Computer desk will move to the bedroom. See? Everything fits.

Well, almost everything.

But I'm going back to school. Tuition is a bitch, and I'm making sacrifices for a reason. I can do this.

See, there's this recliner. And I don't have room for it. But it's my RECLINER. I'm emotionally attached. Here's a picture.

Oh, whoops...that's what it looks like when I'm not CONSTANTLY asking the boy to PICK! UP! YOUR! CLOTHES!...which I've pretty much stopped doing since we decided to take a brief hiatus on the cohabitation experiment. After all, what's the point now? Here's what the recliner really looks like:

Given my competitive nature and the fact that it's such a very cheerful color of blue (not to mention comfortable as HELL to read a book in) it's one of my favorite pieces of furniture. When you can see it.

But I have no room for it. None. And, to be honest, it matches nothing. I don't know what to do. So here are the options that I'm facing. I'll leave it up to you guys to tell me what to do with it.

1) Give it to the boy.
This has one pro (at least it would be used) and several cons (um, 'we're broken up' and 'I don't want Tyson on it' immediately spring to mind.) Ultimately, what keeps me from doing this is the thought that if we didn't ever patch things up, I would never see my recliner again. And then I would hate myself forever.

2) Put it in the basement.
The rational part of my mind knows that the basement in the new place is no better or worse than an unfinished basement in any other place. But seeing as how I've never lived in a place with an unfinished basement, I'm still creeped out. Spiderwebs everywhere. Spiderwebs mean spiders. Spiders crawling into my recliner. Into the stuffing. So that perhaps when the recliner is moved into a bigger location someday, the spiders would then exit and eat whoever is then sitting on the recliner. To be honest, I'm not really a fan of this option.

3) Goodwill.
Which would make me cry. And really, no one wants to see me cry. I'm not a pretty crier.

So I have no idea what to do. I can't put it in the bedroom and have any room to move at all. I can't put it in the living room and have any room to move at all. I can't put it in the kitchen, because - really? In the kitchen? Besides, I wouldn't have any room to move at all.

So I'm sad. I fear the recliner may have to pay the ultimate price in the name of continuing education. Thoughts? Comments? Salvation for the recliner?


AnnD said...

I say keep in the basement and wrap it with saran wrap and then put a tarp over it! It does look too comfy to give up.

Kate said...

What if you got a smaller couch? Donate the old one, go to IKEA and get a small cheap one and keep the recliner. It's not like you're going to have tons of entertaining going on there anyway.

alisa said...

Whatever you do, do not get rid of the recliner!! If you put it in the basement it can be cleaned once you move to a bigger place.

Anonymous said...

I have furniture in an unfinished basement. And yes, there are spiders and stuff gets cobwebby and dirty. But the spiders (nor any other bugs, in three years) do NOT infest the interior of the furniture. I bring stuff up and take stuff down every six months or so and it's really fine. Even mattresses and box springs. Not even smelly! So keep it. :)

Carrie said...

I had a problem parting with my chaise lounge for the nursery. It was soooo comfy and an awesome place to crash. I can sympathize! But it sounds like the basement will work out. I agree, put a tarp on it.

Jaclyn said...

I was going to vote - give it to the boy. But it seems I've already been out-voted. The basement seems to be a reasonable second choice. If it ever floods though - goodbye recliner...

Anonymous said...

Basement, first choice. Boy, second. Goodwill...NO. I keep stuff in my dirty, spider-filled basement, and I'm absolutely terrified of spiders. Go with Ann's idea, seems logical to me. When you find something that perfect, don't let it go!

P.S. Put it up on some blocks of if it does flood (which I do have personal experience with), it doesn't have to be goodbye recliner.

The Carrels said...

Give it away...I hate recliners...they are ugly and frumpy and only should be for grandpas to sleep in because they snore too much and grandma has had enough after 40+ years of marriage...