Friday, June 20, 2008

Wow, am I not smart.

So, I rode my bike to work yesterday. I was going to post a triumphant post in the morning when I was filled with a sense of accomplishment and pride....but something told me to wait.

It's a good thing I did. Around 2:30pm, the LAST thing I wanted to do was ride that damn bike home. The bike was suddenly the bane of my existance. I started scheming find a way (any way) to get home that didn't involve my leg power. Pride won out (can't let my friends be right!!) and I rode my bike home. It actually gave me MORE energy when I got home to walk the dogs... That lasted until bedtime when I crashed (HARD) and actually had the best night sleep since I moved into the new place.

Then today, it what may be the dumbest move in Emily history, I went and rode the bike to work again. For the second day in a row. When I was already exhausted yesterday after my bike riding experience. Seriously. How dumb am I?

I mean, it's definitely saving me money - I don't go out for lunch, I'm not using gas... I'm reducing my carbon footprint... But it's only 8:45am and I'm already hating that stupid bike. Any suggestions on an alternative means to get home?? (But then that pride thing kicks in... why oh why do I put myself in these situations?) Stupid bike. Stupid Emily. Stupid idea.

PS. I will post pictures of my ride to and from work soon. There are so many things I need to discuss - not the least of which are these big blue obstacles that serve no purpose, and the monster hill from hell.


The Carrels said...

You can get a squishy gel pad for your won't make it feel 'great' but it will reduce the amount of hurt.

think of me riding 10 miles on Saturday after swimming a 500 m and before running a 5K...oh...and you want me some night at Eagle Creek...those suckers never get any easier!

BSJ said...

no pain, no gain.

alisa said...

So ... have you ridden your bike to work this week yet?

ems said...

Yes. I've ridden every day since last Thursday the 19th. The rule is that if it's 40% chance of rain or above, (or raining when I get up in the morning) I don't have to ride my bike. Tomorrow is currently listed as a 50% chance of rain. I can drive the much neglected Curvy :-)