Thursday, July 10, 2008

Would You Like Some Cheese With That Whine?

I am without muse lately. I am muse-less. Additionally, I am cranky, out of sorts, and tired as heck. But it's been over a week, and I'm feeling more and more pressure to get a blog up (thanks J!) So I think that for this post I'll steal an idea from one of my favorite blog friends, Ann, and post my first Thursday 13.

(Note: this will not be a weekly feature. I don't usually like weekly features because I sort of want this blog to be me posting what I want to, when I want to...but I obviously can't avoid feeling SOME pressure from posting "what I want to, when I want to" because I like to think that people who read this are looking forward to the next, like most things in my life, I will take an idea and use it when it fits with what I want to do :-)

Reasons why my mother should weep for my impending spinster-hood (aka, why I so love living alone*)

1) I do so much less laundry now that I live alone - it's seriously ridiculous. Are boys just dirtier? Do they just wear the same 7 outfits over and over and over each week so that you HAVE to wash them every weekend? I have no idea. But seriously, laundry maybe once every week and a half is a nice perk of living alone. I've thought about seeing how long I can go without doing laundry, but sometimes a girl just needs her favorite jeans.

2) I live with two dogs and one cat in a new place that is less than half the size of my old place, and I STILL do less cleaning than when I lived with the boy and his dog. (Are my DOGS neater than the boy? I must do more research on this before I pass judgement.)

3) I do dishes immediately after using them, and it takes roughly 5 minutes. Sometimes, I even use paper plates so no doing dishes is necessary. (GASP!)

4) I haven't yet set up cable (because I'm still undecided on whether or not I want it in the new place) or internet, and there's no one who's bugging me to get it done. (Well, there's zlionsfan, but really, I don't count him.) Due to this, I do not respond to emails sent between the hours of 5:00pm and 8:00am...but really, why are you sending me emails then anyway?? Just call me or get outside and play instead of sitting in front of the computer....ahem.

5) I'm learning about trimming bushes and trees, and edging and mowing the lawn (well, mowing eventually...) and it's really not that bad. I'm sure it will get worse when I realize that I have to do it on a regular basis, but for now, it's all about learning and accomplishment. (And after one episode of having to say, "No really, I'll do it later. Seriously. No, I WANT to do it. Stop!" I think guys believe that this is their domain, and would I get to do any of this if I lived with one?)

6) I get dates now.

Men who live with women take note. We may not complain, and heck, we may not even notice....but we DO miss dates. An occasional date night wouldn't kill you. (And this includes the asking, the PLANNING, the picking her up (even if you live together) and the paying (even though it's "our" money.))

7) A bottle of wine lasts longer than 24 hours.

(Okay, okay. A box of wine. Bottled wine doesn't keep so well and I can't finish a bottle in one night without severe consequences...besides, the boxed stuff isn't bad. [says the spinster-for-life]) Same goes for a 6 pack of beer. I can go home and decide whether or not I would like to have some beer that night. Some nights I might even say no. (the horror!!) I never understood what it was about boys that made them think that if there was beer, they had to drink it immediately lest it disappear and no beer is ever found on earth again.

8) Shave my legs? What's that?

('s summer, so I have to keep that within reason. But just wait for the winter. I'm out to set a world record!)

9) I can take two-hour-long walks with my dogs, leave my phone at home, and be completely unreachable for those two hours. And it's okay!

10) I love confusing the heck out of my neighbors (all men, all who say "hello" every time they see me) with the revolving door of men who are at my apartment for hours at a time... Zlionsfan, the boy, Jmac, my little brother, the maintenance guy... I like to mix it up so no one guy is there more often than any other. I want to see how long it is before someone asks me what the heck kind of operation I'm running...

(Wow. I just realized that I haven't had one female visitor yet. I need more girlfriends. Come on over girls! I have wine! Lots and lots of wine!!! Girly-girls need not apply.)

(Wait, did I just type that? I AM moody. Perhaps now is not such a good time for any sort of visitor...)

11) This goes back to the "box of wine" thing, but I've had a box of popsicles in my freezer for over a week now, and it's only half gone. I can't stress how much more boys eat than girls. I mean, I eat. (I eat.) But apparently I must eat less. As evidenced by the popsicles. That are always there when I want them. And when I finish them? There's a note to buy more. And then more are purchased. It's a fascinating system really. Boys should get in on this.

12) My toilet seat is always down. Even for sleepy morning visits.

13) Everyone has a place to sit. I have a couch and a loveseat. I can stretch out on the couch and the loveseat looks like this:

*Now, this is not to say that there aren't several reasons why I miss the boy. There were good things about living with him, and definitely things that I I wouldn't completely rule out the possibility of future cohabitation. But for now? So. Happy.


BSJ said...

Ok, I was very close to picking up the phone and calling you. After all, it is between 5pm and 8am (10:30pm). But no... I'll leave you alone. And mowing the lawn... Our domain? No. That's an hour of peace and quiet (sort of). I can stick my noise isolating earphones in and be alone with my thoughts and a netcast. Oh, and after #8, you can go back and make #6 past tense...

P.S. Re:#12: Toilet seats are always down in our house, too. I have a witness!

The Carrels said...

Several weeks ago Chris and I had a real date..he even picked me up for it! It was awesome...I agree, dates are necessary and very much appreciated!

AnnD said...

I can't do a Thursday 13 every Thursday. Too much pressure and creativity for me! It's much easier for me to snap a photo! I enjoyed yours though, very creative! I can also relate. Sometimes I long for the days when it was just me and my cat, living in a tiny apartment in Terre Haute. It was so much easier to keep clean and my food costs were waaaay down! I didn't have to worry about what Jim was doing, I didn't have a child waking me up in the middle of the night but I did have the terror of working at the most stressful therapy facility I've ever worked in as well as all of the pressures of grad. school that kept me awake most nights in that little apartment by myself...I guess I would choose the child in the end!

Candace said...

I LOVE living alone. Last weekend I had 4 visitors for 5 days and when I got home to my quiet...but on Monday night, it felt like Heaven. I am with you on the outside chores...I have recently discoverd the jobs of mowing the lawn and having that hour to listen to my headphones and think.