Friday, October 10, 2008


60 - My total height in inches
35 - The number of Pull 'n' Peel Twizzlers that I've eaten so far
6 - Number of days it's taken me to eat the Pull 'n' Peel Twizzlers
501 - Number of times I've wished I didn't have dogs in the last 24 hours
3 - Number of times I've attempted to eat six Saltines in sixty seconds
0 - Number of times I've succeeded
17 - The number on the Colts jersey that I just received (happy belated birthday to me!!) and love love love.
5 - Number of guys who have looked at me strangely because they can't figure out whose Colts jersey I'm wearing
5,682 - Number of times I've cursed about choosing to play Philip Rivers over Ben Roethlisberger in fantasy football last week
223 - My total cholesterol. (Go ahead. Be horrified. I only post that here because I'll post an update in six months when it's MUCH lower. And in my defense, my body manufactures high amounts of good cholesterol (thanks Mom!!) so the ratio? Isn't that bad. But the total does give you some sticker shock...I'll give you that.)
23.5 - Number of hours I logged in studying for my test yesterday
1 - Number of surprising discoveries I've made about myself in the past week
2 - Number of times I've let the dogs sleep in my bed in the last week
2 - Number of times Laney has woken me up at 5:30am out of spite because the dogs are on the bed and she's not
1 - Number of times I've voted for the candidate who eventually became president
2 - The number to which I hope to increase the previous statistic come November
40 - Number of minutes early that I have to leave the house if I want to take the dogs to daycare. (I hope they appreciate the sacrifice...)
750 - Number of square feet in my home
1500 - Number of square feet I would have in my home if I used the basement for anything other than storage and laundry (stupid spiders)
2 - Number of Classic Coca-Cola 20oz bottles I purchased this morning. (Note the omission of the word "diet." I'm trying. Really I am.)
287 - Number of cents for a gallon of gas yesterday. Too bad I filled up two days prior
24.2 - Average miles per gallon of gas that Curvy is currently getting
32.1 - Highest average mpg I've gotten out of Curvy when driving to my parent's house
20 - Average number of emails that I exchange with zlionsfan on any given day.
3 - Number of glasses of sangria I drank last night to celebrate the fact that my test is over
6 - Number of times I hit snooze this morning.
5 - Number of my readers who I'll bet are going to try the Saltines thing in the next week or so. (Just make sure to let me know how that turns out.)


Carrie said...

Funny, I was just thinking about the number of elections I have voted in where my candidate was elected. For me "0". Yes, I voted for Gore and Kerry, but I voted for Perot in my first election (I know in hindsight it was so stupid! I just wanted there to be more than 2 candidates on the ballot.)

Jaclyn said...

Seriously - #17 - Hunter Smith, right? What kind of guy who actually watches a game doesn't know this?

Moore said...

Your cholesterol is high but I think I am more surprised by it because of your age. One of my friend's is that high, even WITH the medication,...but he is 51. Obviously, it would be lower if he followed some sort of diet.

dancanrun77 said...

Buy me the saltines and I'm in...

AnnD said...

Cool idea for a blog! I don't know if I could think of as many as you did! You're good!

zlionsfan said...

I'd like to take this opportunity to point out that my total cholesterol is 188.

On the other hand, four years ago (almost), I stepped on my digital scale, and I very nearly saw a 5 as the middle number. Since then, someone gave me 25 pounds to carry around, and I'll be darned if I can remember who it was. I won't be very happy with them when I find them.

For those of you who are wondering, I'm a web developer. Thus, browser + typing = work. Or not. No one can really tell. (Sadly, at my company, it's true ... in a roundabout way. No one else does what I do, so some people don't realize that I really do have reasons to be online ...)

Candace said...

Cholesterol is so varriable...Mine is 174 but I am up 10 lbs in the last six months. YGGG. Must we always diet for some reason.