Monday, May 18, 2009

The Calm After the Storm

Yesterday was insane. Mostly good insane, but in the aftermath of insane, it all feels the same - exhausting.

My parents were in town for the Broad Ripple Art Fair and, you know, to pick up their favorite grandchild. While we did get rained on at the art fair, I think everyone had a good time checking out the different items for sale. My father walked away with some very interesting art, and my mom walked away with some pretty suncatchers. After that and some lunch, we met up again to go duckpin bowling and play some board games. An undercurrent to that busy-ness was that my mother seemed to have her own agenda to learn everything about her cell phone that she could - including the art of text messaging. I know my friend Jill is going through some training of her own, and I wonder if we compared notes who would be more frustrated. The one trying to get a three year old potty trained, or the one trying to get a sixty-four year old woman to understand text messaging. Saturday was a very full day.

But Sunday was what killed me.

I usually keep Sundays plan-free. I love Sundays for this very reason. Sleep in + no schedule = paradise. But this Sunday I had two very old and dear friends in town. So we planned to have brunch at eleven. And then I had to meet my parents back at my place to hand over Blue....somewhere around one. THEN I was responsible for arranging a meeting between this sweet girl and some prospective adoptive parents. That was supposed to be at one, but I bumped it to two. (I was late anyway.) Still, that was a whole lot of arranging in about three hours of my day. I didn't want to rush my friends (who I don't see terribly often,) but nor did I want to delay the meeting between this dog and the interested potential-owners. Throw in finding a time to get my parents in there, and MAN was I stressed.

Luckily I knew the people who were thinking about adopting the dog. They offered me a beer as they were getting to know her. DONE! The boy was with me and commented that he could literally see the tension leaving my body. The meeting was successful, and "Izzie" found herself a new home. That was a good way to end the weekend.*

And when I got home that night, I had a text message from my mother that read, "Home ok thx 4 gr8 time lol mom n dad" I assure you, she did NOT learn that from me. When I called her back and asked, "Mom, who taught you to text like that?" her response was, "I read the comics."

I can't make this stuff up, folks.

*My boss wants to know when I'm going to start selling for him the way I "sell" for his wife (who runs the pit bull rescue.) I told him he needs to find better products.


The Carrels said...


alisa said...

Your mom is hilarious!

And could Izzie be any more adorable?? I'm glad I don't live in Indy anymore because I would NOT be a hard sell :)

Candace said...

OMG...your mom is better watch out...she might surpass you with she closer to that Kindle than you?

AnnD said...

That doggie is so cute!!! I still can't believe Blue is gone....

But, at least you can keep up with his antics via text messages from your mom!