Thursday, May 28, 2009

Pictures from the Past

Any of my college friends who read this need not worry. I am not about to pull out pictures from college days. No thanks. Those are for the password protected safety of Facebook.

What I will pull out is one of the greatest finds thus far in my 31 year life.*

Now that my parents are retired, they're starting to take on little odd jobs around the house. You know, the things that need to be done, but they're low priority so they never actually seem to GET done? Things like sorting through old photos.

My mother has been having a ball lately going through old pictures. She says that there are pictures of people she doesn't even remember, trips that she had forgotten about, and part of the fun for her is trying to remember when the pictures were taken so that she can put them in rough chronological order. In doing this, she found and sent a picture of me on Halloween in 1980.

I can't tell you how thrilled I am with this picture. It's awesome on SO many levels. First, my mother actually made this costume for me. She said she picked it because it was relatively easy and LOOK HOW CUTE I WAS!!! Second, I'm a pink bunny. Can you see a costume that is further from my personality than a pink bunny?! And finally, of course, I am a HUGE fan of A Christmas Story,** and Ralphie gets a pink bunny suit JUST LIKE THIS for Christmas. Right down to the bunnies on his feet. (Although I have to give my mom some credit as the costume was probably more appropriate on a two-year-old girl. It's not like she made this for me when I was thirteen.***) Keep in mind that the movie was released in 1983. This means that my mother actually dressed me like this BEFORE it was hilarious.

Although it's still pretty hilarious.

*For today anyway. Who knows what tomorrow holds?
**The whole family is, actually. My father actually has a leg lamp on the porch. Cross my heart and hope to die.
***No, she saved a whole HOST of other embarrassing things for the teenage years. Like the leg lamp on the porch. Which is awesome now, but when you're a teenager? Notsomuch.


Rebecca said...

Very cute! And so not love it!!

Kat(i)e said...

Oh my gosh! Had a verrry similar experience this weekend. My parents are cleaning out to get a new furance and found a box labeled "very old photos." No kidding. My mom's scrapbook from high school, pictures of my parents when they first met, and clearly ones that did not make the album for a reason (aka photos of my mom doing a shot with one hand and holding a beer in another). And 2 shocking photos of my mom around 7 and another around 18 with my dad at my very OWN Museum. The one with my parents now sits on my desk.

Candace said...

You were so Cute!

punkinmama said...

So cute!

I think you know what you should be dressing up as for Halloween THIS year! :)

AnnD said...

Yes, you are so very cute! You still are! I would pay money to see you in a pink bunny costume now!

zlionsfan said...

Presumably they make this in other sizes.

ems said...

Heck yeah. I've already done my research on this - you're totally getting one for some holiday at some point :-)