Friday, May 29, 2009

I pick the weirdest times to be girly...

Despite random crossovers to the dark side, I'm not usually a girly girl. I mean, sure, I have issues with egregious assaults on footwear, and I may have some issues with bugs (and other creepy-crawlies,) but it's not like I really need to be taken care of. Or go out in makeup every day. Or even fix my hair regularly. (Unless a ponytail counts as "fixing?")

But sometimes, usually completely random times, that girly side of me pops up and can not be denied. Like when bike-riding. Like when bike-riding with someone who won't shut up about how I need a helmet. But I don't want to wear a helmet...even though I know it's probably smart. So I grudgingly look over the helmets at the bike store and find....nothing. They were all blue or black or silver or red and since I was already not wanting to purchase one, I wasn't inclined to like something that didn't make me happy.

And thus began my search for a pink bicycle helmet.

I know, I know. What on earth? To be fair, I don't mean completely pink. I mean, enough so that I like it. Enough so that I think it's cute, even though I'll look like an idiot while wearing it.

(This biking thing? It's taken over my life. I blame Candy.)

And so my google searching led me to this on ebay. I already have a long-standing hate relationship with ebay, but luckily there were only about 4 hours left on this auction when I found it, and I was the only bidder.
Still, I checked on it about 500 times in four hours.

In the end I am now the proud owner of a helmet with pink on it. I think I won because of the enormous size of my head. No other woman needs a helmet this big. Trust. We're talking freakishly large.

And so now I must wait until it arrives. And then I will post pictures. Of the three muskateers that keep going on crazy bike rides, all three of us in our goofy helmets.


Candace said...

Yours is the cutest helmet! How much was your winning bid?

ems said...


alisa said...

I like your helmet :) And eBay is awesome ... did you do the coffee thing???

Moore said...

I think it is cool that you've all found something you enjoy this much and it doesn't involve food...and that someone talked Candy (and you) into buying a helmet.

ems said...

That doesn't involve food? Interestingly put. Not many of my hobbies involve food. I ran the math and competitive eating doesn't really pay off in the end.

Alisa - no, I haven't done the coffee thing yet. I'm still trying to decide how I feel about it.

AnnD said...

Emma has a pink helmet! It is pink and has white bunnies! I think J. bought it at Target!

zlionsfan said...

Actually, competitive eating usually does pay off in the end ... well, at one end. I'm just an amateur, though.

Also, your head is smaller than mine. Which is kind of like finding a city where it rains less than here. Think of your head like Seattle and mine like Indianapolis.