Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blue for President

Okay, so I know that he's technically not my dog anymore. But he's adorable, he's sweet, and he's friendlier to new people than Casey is. (And did I mention that he's adorable?) So I entered him to be the Mutt Strutt 2010 Poster Pooch Contest. Since you're reading this blog, you should go vote for him! Vote Early! Vote Often!! Think about how much positive press can be brought to pit bulls by having this adorable, friendly guy as the mascot for a pretty major dog event in Indy! So you're not only casting a vote for the most adorable dog on the list, you're casting a vote to end dog discrimination everywhere!!*

Think of all the negative press you see about pit bulls in places other than this blog. Wouldn't you like to have a hand in showing the masses the other side? The friendlier side of pit bulls?? Blue (aka "stinker" "gooboy" and "bluuuuuuuue") is just the guy to help with that, but he needs your help.

Vote for him here. Feel free to tell your friends and to vote repeatedly. If he wins, I'll make sure each and every one of you get a Blue kiss.**

*Okay....that might be a slight exaggeration. I tend to get carried away when I get excited. You get the idea though, right?

**Um, a $1 donation is required to vote, which sucks, but I will totally buy you ice cream to make up for it. (and it's for a good cause!!!)


zlionsfan said...

If I vote for him, will you promise that I will not get a kiss from him? My lips, dog lips, you know.

AnnD said...

I will have to use J's card later! I got all the way through the donation process and, of course, they want the CCV number from my card and mine is totally gone! Rubbed off! So, I'll have to do it later with J's card!