Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Did you know...?

...that constantly refreshing your email doesn't make the reply you're waiting for arrive any faster?

...that when you're really concentrating on something (like the best way to buy a plane ticket) little things in your usual routine (like closing the bathroom door) may be forgotten and lead to embarrassment?

...that sucky work permeates suckiness into every other aspect of your life?

...that rain + dirt = mud and mud + dog = dirty house?

...that you can call someone on a whim, and as soon as the phone begins ringing wish you hadn't called at all... but THEN have a conversation that brightens your entire day?

...that laundry doesn't do itself?

...that paying off a credit card is one of the sweetest feelings ever!! (It's unfortunate that sometimes you can't celebrate by buying yourself something pretty.)

...that sometimes girls just need to cry. Boys, sometimes the reason is "nothing" and sometimes it's "everything." Either way it won't make sense to you, so just accept it and move on.

...that the answer to every single life question can be found in an episode of 'Friends?'

...that sometimes the answers to your problems can be found at the bottom of a glass of red wine, and other times at the bottom of a vanilla milkshake?

...that sometimes looking hot in that fitted outfit just isn't worth giving up the comfort of sweatpants?

What do you know? (Favorites will be added as a post publication edit.)


zlionsfan said...

I never found any answers at the bottom of a glass of beer.

Maybe the problem was that I kept looking.

alisa said...

... that truly great friends are hard to find

... that observation and judgement are two completely different things that many people confuse with one another

... that Starbucks is really crack

... that your mother really does have your best interest at heart

... that all it takes is one look

... that laughter really is the best medicine

Moore said...

I'm with you on the vanilla milkshake, but for me I'd also add or a pint of "premium" ice cream.

Farmerspice said...

...that reconnecting with old friends can really save your life

...that marrying the man of your dreams means some other dreams fade while new ones become reality

...that eloping really is easier, but you miss your friends

...that starting a new career in your 30s for more money is okay.'s okay to still have dinner with your parents every night even when you have a family of your own, they miss you.

...that parenting teenagers is way different than parenting elementary schoolers

...that I'm glad to be able to chat with my friend Emily

AnnD said...

I love that post! You are truly brilliant! I think you should write as many of those as you can and publish a book!