Thursday, March 11, 2010


- I am not a veterinary-school-prerequisite-filling dropout. I can't decide if it's because I'm ridiculously stubborn, or if it's because I really want to be a vet and haven't yet given up hope. I'm leaning towards the stubborn.

- I had an ochem test on Monday over the same material that was on the quiz (that I did, actually, get a 50% on.) I actually feel pretty good about it. The test, I mean. Not the quiz. I'm still depressed as hell about the quiz. But the test is worth 100 points, and the quiz was worth 25, so in the grand scheme of things... Anyhow, I'm afraid to spend too much time thinking about my test and how I did lest I jinx myself. I am supposed to get it back today, so if you don't hear from me for the next month or so, just come looking for me in the pit of despair.

- When you're the first person in the office in the mornings, and you happen to be in the bathroom when the second person gets into the office, it's super awkward when they call out "Good Morning" and you answer from the toilet.

- Next week is my SPRING BREAK. I plan to be as lame as ever during that week, but I'm still excited. Getting in to work at 8:00am! Dinner with friends instead of class during the week! NCAA tournament!!!!!!!!

- Yes, I will choose Butler to go all the way. I'm willing to throw away my $5 again.

- My dog is muddy. I would hate on that, but temperatures have been above 50 degrees lately, and I'm so happy I could cry.

- I know I haven't mentioned him recently (mainly because I try not to think about his existence) but I think we may have stumbled upon a new drug regimen for Tyson that just might work and is not out of the boy's budget at $10/90 days. I'll keep you updated on this very exciting news. (Well, in my world. You probably don't care. Unless you live with Cash.)

- My fingers = the same or worse. Thank you for all of the suggestions (I've tried each of them) but I think I'm resigned to have to go see the dermatologist about this. Drat. Maybe I DO have a latex allergy. Does that mean that I would have to quit organic chem lab? Do you think a Dr's note will excuse me? (I know, I know. I'm reaching. But it's nice to dream.)

The majority of this blog was written yesterday and just not posted. Last night I found out that my professor will not be returning our ochem tests until after Spring Break. So I'm spared a week in the pit of despair. I'll find out on March 22nd. Do you know what happens before then? The NCAA TOURNAMENT BEGINS!!! Woot!! Hopefully I can keep my mind off of the suspense... Go DAWGS!


zlionsfan said...

Before you dream about a latex allergy getting you out of o-chem lab, you should probably consider how that allergy might affect your chosen career. (Here's an interesting article. There would be hope for you anyway.)

I was actually hoping this would be about the third time in 25 years that I would not necessarily be throwing my money away. Unfortunately, that's no longer the case. I think you should take your standard Purdue-Butler bet.

Candace said...

To me the waiting a week and a half for my grade would be almost to much to bear. Too Long!!!! I am glad that it sounds good to you.

I am sure the doctor will have a magic fix for your hands. They know about all kinds of cool drugs.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are not a dropout!

AnnD said...

Cash needs to go. I say we kidnap Tyson and take them both over state lines and leave them there.

Keep us updated on the new drug though. I would love to sedate Cash every day with Vicodin or Valium. Life would be so much easier.