Monday, February 06, 2012


Technically, this is me making dinner. I would have taken a picture of the finished product, but about 2 minutes prior to this picture being taken, the smoke alarm was going off, the cat was bolting, the green beans and tomatoes were about to boil over, and the browning of the gnocchi (on high heat as directed by the recipe) was not going well at all. Frankly, after all of that, I just wanted to take the simplest picture possible.


AnnD said...

You are doing so much better than I am at the Photo of the Day! I've forgotten to do it the last 3 days!

Kat(i)e said...

FYI - high never really means high. It's means somewhere towards middle. I know how literally you take these instructions.

ems said...

I DO take the instructions literally. Because why would they tell me "high" if they don't mean "high?" "Medium heat" would mean the middle.

I think it's all a conspiracy between people who can cook. You're trying to keep the incompetents from learning how to cook. Just admit it.