Friday, February 03, 2012


Yes, I realize that the subject for today is 'hands' plural. However, I wanted to take a picture of this specific subject matter, and it turned out that I needed one hand to hold the camera.*

We had an anatomy lab exam this morning (as part of our three exam day referenced earlier.) In an anatomy lab exam, the lab is set up with 50 stations. You get a piece of paper with 50 blanks to fill in and 30 seconds at each station. The station could be a bone with a chalk marked protrusion that you must name, a radiograph where you must identify the joint, species, and which side is medial/lateral, or it could be a cadaver with a string tied around an artery/vein/nerve/muscle and a note that says, "Name this structure." We are allowed a pencil to write our answers and a probe to be able to separate the cadaver structures from surrounding tissues. We also wear gloves because, you know, dead things.

Fun peek into vet school, yes?

*I originally wanted several vet students to contribute their hands to this picture, but we ran out of time. Maybe next time.


JennyG said...

So I'm guessing in your 30 seconds at each station, you don't have time to take off your gloves before using your pencil. Which means your pencil is contaminated by the aforementioned 'dead things', right??? Please tell me you immediately threw the pencil away...please...please...please!

ems said...

It's funny that you noticed that. Actually, this picture is staged. We were crunched for time after the test, and I had to rush to my next class. This picture was taken at the end of the day.

For a real anatomy lab exam, I have the glove on my left hand and the pencil in my right hand that never touches the dead things. This is because I love my pencil and I since I'm poor, I'm finding that nothing is disposable... :-)

JennyG said...

Whew! That puts my mind at ease. When I go to Subway, I watch the glove action like a hawk!