Thursday, January 29, 2009

My So-Called Life

I generally don't do memes, but saw this one and really liked it. I can't decide whether or not this one counts as an actual meme. Since it makes me feel better to consider this a photo scavenger hunt, that's what I'll call it. The real reason why I'm doing it is because I want to tag two of the real photographers that I know and see what they come up with (artsy cool photos) as compared to what I post (boring straight on-photos with a point and shoot.) But anyone else who wants to do this, feel free!! Just link back so I can go and check yours out. Fair is fair you know.

I only have one catch. My photos are not staged, (meaning I didn't clean/pick up/move things out of the pictures before taking them) so I'm requesting that yours aren't either. This is real life, yo. No one is perfect, and if you're afraid to show your flaws, you're living a sadly limited life.

1. My refrigerator has more beverages in it than food. Yes, that is boxed wine that you see. Boxed sangria if you want to be specific. High class living, thy name is Emily. (I got the sign on my fridge as a christmas present from the veterinarian that I volunteer for. Everyone knows I can't cook.)
2. My closet is organized. It has to be. It's tiny. My bedroom closet is too small for me to take a picture and adequately show you anything about it, so instead, I'm showing you the hall closet. The hall closet that I had to cut plywood for when I moved in so that I could have shelves. (This is when I learned that a 90 degree angle is not always a 90 degree angle in old houses.) The hall closet that is a linen closet/spare anything closet/un-seasonal clothing closet (the boxes.) There's an entire third level that you can't see below the bottom of the photograph. Living in a tiny place is good times.
3. My kitchen sink is usually not empty. Not so much to say I guess. I do dishes regularly, but I also use dishes regularly. This is the norm. (What I DON'T do is let the dishes soak in water and then let a gross film develop on top of the water. Ahem.) PS. Brita filters are da' bomb.
4. My toilet is rarely open. I'll confess, I had a whole spiel written before I actually took the toilet picture. I have since deleted it. This is because when I took the picture, I opened the toilet (which I always leave closed because, hello! I live with animals!) Apparently once it was open, its appeal was absolutely irresistible.
5. My Favorite Shoes are high heels. Contrary to my usual attire, I do love to get all dressed up and look pretty. I will use every excuse to wear something fancy, and a good pair of high heels will always make my day. I am not cheap with my "dress up shoes." In fact, these would be the most expensive shoes that I own except for an unfortunate purchase that the boy talked me into about a year ago.
6. My favorite Room is the living room. This is where I spend the majority of my time, I love my maroon wall, and I love love LOVE the Starry Night painting on the wall.
7. What are my kids doing? Well, I'll use the word "kids" loosely. What are Casey and Blue doing? Well, they're frolicking in the snow of course. If you look closely, Blue is chasing Casey who has the shredded remains of a basketball in her mouth. (Actually, the toilet pictures could work for this one as well, amirite??)
8. My laundry is all in one place. And sorted, thanks to J. (I couldn't get a good angle on the duct tape holding this hamper together in the lower left corner...) I do laundry every weekend, so that's why it's not overflowing at the moment.
9. Self Portrait. Um, I don't get to do much without Blue's interference. I sit down, and he's right next to me. I get out a camera, and he wants to check it out eat it. This was no exception.
10. My dream vacation is one where I get to explore somewhere new. I want beach AND adventure. I know I've already been to lived in Costa Rica, but I would give almost anything to go back soon. (I didn't take this picture - obviously.)

So, I tag: Ann, Stacey, Jill, and Farmerspice. But again, anyone else, feel free! Who doesn't love this little glimpse into "real" life?


Kat(i)e said...

Fun, but I hope you took that toilet photo AFTER the one with Blue licking your face.

Farmerspice said...

You will have to wait until I get home my friend. I'll do it.

zlionsfan said...

I think it would be fun to take a long trip somewhere on a train. Maybe not even to somewhere, just kind of like a cruise on a train. (I'm not a fan of water, so an actual cruise isn't that appealing to me.)

Of course, it's difficult to take one of those now. I understand trains aren't what they used to be, and even with some modern conveniences (although really, am I going to have wifi on a cross-country trip?), it's going to be a train.

And no, I'm not the guy from the Twilight Zone who wants to stop in Willoughby.

AnnD said...

Ooooo! I'll have to get busy!

Dr Zibbs said...

Great picture of the dog licking toilet. Then kissing you...wait a minute....

ems said...

Yes yes yes. My dog is disgusting, but he loves me... It's a good thing I'm not afraid of a few germs.

L said...

I'm happy to see that Blue is still the same. And might I are much more organized than I am.