Friday, August 14, 2009

A Change of Heart

I have had a two-dog household again since July 25th, and I am about done. It's not that I don't love Blue, it's just that Casey and I had settled into our routine and we were doing just fine. It's a difficult adjustment to make. Before, the two dog house was the norm. I didn't know how peaceful things could be with only one dog. Now, it's hard to forget.

Not to mention that I had forgotten that Blue slobbers all over everything and farts all. the. time. Oh, and he'll walk all over you and sit right on top of you if you happen to be in the spot on the couch that he has designated as his. And he steals Casey's treats on a regular basis. Doesn't matter how handsome he is, he's your typical boy, and I have gotten used to an all-female household.

So when making arrangements to return him to my parents' house, I was surprised to hear my father say that I could keep Blue after I asked him whether or not he missed having a dog around. That their house really doesn't need any animals at all. Not even the two cats my parents currently live with.

I cautiously said, "Dad, if you don't WANT Blue, I don't want to force him on you. He can stay here, no problem." While inside I was pleading, "no, no! Dear God, NO!!"

My father responded equally as cautiously. "If you WANT to keep him, that's okay."

I considered for a moment. "Dad, he can stay. It's no problem. He's already here and I don't want to put you out at all."

A sigh. "No, it's just that I feel we're being cruel. You know, here he gets to be outside all the time, he gets to lay on the couch all day..."

"...while here he's in a crate all day while I'm at work. I know. But dad, he's a dog. He doesn't understand that. All he knows is that when he's with Emily, this is how it is. It's not better or worse than at your house. It just is. Dogs live in the moment."

"I'll make you a deal. I'll take Blue if you take Dorian."

A little background on Dorian. My parents already had one cat, Indy*, when my brother brought home another cat from college. That cat, unfortunately, perished due to an unfortunate incident after only a short time at my parent's house. But my mother was convinced that Indy was "lonely" without a companion.** So off to the Humane Society they went. And brought home Dorian. Who my brother is now convinced was drugged when they met him.

Since then, Dorian has gotten into the trash, meowed so loudly as to wake my parents, taught Indy that it was okay to meow at all hours to get what he wants, proceeded to overeat (and regurgitate) regularly, and attacks the pit bulls that visit at every opportunity. Even without claws.

Suffice to say that no one really likes Dorian. But since all creatures need love (except for satan-dog) and because of a little pressure from their animal-minded daughter, Dorian stays.

Struggling not to laugh, I responded, "What happened now?"

"Oh, I plugged in your mother's speaker for the TV, and Dorian immediately started chewing on the wires. So I gave him a little kick. And then I came back downstairs later and he had pooped on my seat!"

Having some experience with a vindictive cat before, I am failing miserably at containing my laughter at this point.

"I'm sorry dad, but Laney is an only cat. No other cats would survive in my house."

"Oh that's okay. If she kills him, just dig a little hole out back and dump him in it."


None of this diverted me from the worry that perhaps I was shoving Blue into an unwelcome household. Until I spoke to my mother.

"Okay, so we'll meet you to pick up Blue-Blue on Sunday, right?"


"And the doctors told me that I need to walk as much as possible to avoid blood clots after surgery. So it will be good to have him back because I am going to walk with him in the mornings. Hopefully it won't be as hot as it has been because you know he can't stand the heat. Have you trimmed his nails? Does he miss us?"

And then I realized that it doesn't really matter unless the entire household has a change of heart. As long as Blue is still my mom's baby, he's welcome in their house.

Dorian, on the other hand....

*aka "Super Cat," "Best Cat Ever," and "Cat that thinks he's a dog."

**And I believe, under the assumption that all cats were as fantastic as Indy.


Candace said...

I think the "bad" cats are the ones with the most character and therefore the most loved.

I agree....One dog or cat is enough. Or course, I am now living in a two cat household. How did that happen?

AnnD said...

I was just telling J yesterday that I so want to be in a house without animals, to just try it for a decade. It would be so much cleaner and we would have extra spending money. It is hard though, like you said, if there is even a little bit of human in you, you can't just kill them or give them away to anyone. (Though, I could with Cash).

ems said...

Don't worry about it. I feel that way too. A lot. But I also know that when these animals are gone, I'll adopt some more. Expense or not, mess or not, I don't think there are any good things that don't have at least a small downside :-)

zlionsfan said...

Candace, I think people who've never had good cats would say that about bad cats. :)

I know cats are not pack animals, and that in theory one cat should be fine on his or her own in a house, but my older cat seems to be more entertained by the existence of another cat in the house, even if it's simply as something to chase from time to time.

Another cat with Laney. That would be amusing.

alisa said...

zlionsfan - Laney had a temporary cat-roommate named Maggie years ago. I believe the words Emily used when Maggie needed to be out of the house were something along the lines of, "Um ... Laney needs her house back ..."