Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Okay...maybe it was hormones

I just read this, and I'm tearing up at my desk. My boss keeps asking me what's wrong, and I can't exactly tell him that I was reading the best of Craigslist on the sly when I should have been giving the bill paying my complete attention. Nor can I explain to him that I was looking for the good laugh that Craigslist is reliable in providing me (see: this) and instead found a touching story that is making my nose turn Rudolph red, and my eyes puff up like I haven't slept in weeks. (I am not a pretty crier btw.)

So instead I'm just telling him that it's allergies. We'll keep this between us, okay?

Vacation blog coming. Just hold your horses. I'm not known for recovering from non-routine activities very quickly.


zlionsfan said...

Well, you do cry at everything ... it's a cool story, but perhaps it elicits different reactions from different people.

I think it's okay that it affected you like that. Not that you need my approval or anything.

Candace said...

Nothing about that story made me want to cry. As I was reading it I thought it was made up.

However, I am glad that you were so touched by it. The allergies were a good cover.