Monday, August 10, 2009

All Dogs go to Heaven

So, there's this dog....

Side note: It's gotten to the point where the boy hears a story begin that way and literally shudders. It's not that I pressure him to adopt another dog, or that I even consider adopting another dog (good GOD no,) it's just that he has to hear me talk about another "cutest dog ever" and "greatest story" and lament the fact that I can't save them all (though lord knows I try)...and he's a guy. Apparently he's better at the whole "not getting attached" thing.

So, back to the dog. See, there's this dog. More specifically, there's this five week old puppy. More specifically, there's this five week old pit bull puppy that was abused. Abused to the point where she had to have her left eye removed.

A fact that makes me want to track down her abuser with a baseball bat and beat them until THEIR left eye has to be removed.

But I digress.

I met her the day after surgery. When she had wiggled out of her little e-collar and the bandage that had been placed across her eye had been bumped askew. She looked like a little pirate.

We found a smaller e-collar that fit her better, removed the bandage from her eye (she really didn't seem cool with the whole bandage-on-her-head thing) and instead taped up her paw so that she couldn't scratch at her stitches.

Her tail was wagging the entire time we were doing this. And she was alterntately attempting to lick my fingers and bite them.

I was in love. And now I must find her a hand-picked home. I mean, she can't just go to anyone. (ahem, Alisa, ahem.)

I took the boy to meet her on Sunday. Given the size of her stomach, I'm going to say she's recovering just fine. Eating and recovering. Recovering and eating. She's a regular little roly poly. The office manager at the clinic wants to call her Winky. Well, she did want to call her winky. Until I explained that winky was also slang for penis. (True story.) So we settled on Wink.

So, internets - meet Wink. Help me find her a home. She'll be a great dog for someone with a big heart. And she's got the bonus of being able to wear the coolest costume ever for Halloween. (Complete with eye patch.)


AnnD said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.......God, she's so cute and tiny! I can't believe someone could do something like that to another living creature. I always go back to Cash, whom I do hate but I would never consider doing anything even remotely like that to.

I can make an announcement on my blog soon, I only have about 20 people who read it, but you never know...

Lindsey M said...

Awh, I'm so glad you were able to help her. I wish we could adopt a dog right now but we just can't...yet.

Candace said...

She is cute but I would be a horrible dog know I am NEVER home.

AnnD said...

Oh, I also wanted to pop back on and add that when read her name was Winky, I didn't think of the body part, I thought of Barty Crouch's house elf from HPATGOF!

alisa said...

I want her. Not even kidding. Bring her to New England. Pretty please?