Thursday, May 15, 2008

Concept: Extraordinary, Implementation: Lackluster*

I hate mornings. I'm horrible at mornings. It's usually anger at the whole world that makes me a horrible person to be around first thing in the morning. I mean, why on earth would I want to be up, walking around, and on my way to work when I could be warm, snuggly and in bed? Hmmm??

So yesterday, when I was flipping through channels for background noise while getting ready, and I found this, I thought I had just stumbled upon the greatest invention ever. I seriously sat, mesmerized, in front of the TV for a good minute and a half before I made myself go take a shower. (My timetable in the mornings is tight enough as it is...I didn't need to be any later to work than I usually am.) Every time I came back into my room from the bathroom, I was greeted with tranquil views, crickets chirping, birds singing...the sun slowly rising. It was heaven. I had found my new favorite thing.

I did a little research, found out when it started, and last night, before going to sleep, I set the TV to Animal Planet and set the TV to turn on at 7:01am.

It was everything I had dreamed it would be. I awoke slowly to the sound of waves lapping on the shore, crickets and other insects chirping, the occasional bird call... It was fabulous. I was so happy. And then,


Um, yeah. So I forgot that there would be commercials. Not to mention commercials that would be at decibels TEN TIMES that of the programming they were interrupting. I almost threw my alarm clock at the TV. Actually, I DID throw my alarm clock at the TV. However, the alarm clock is plugged into the wall, and thus didn't really go where intended, which, now that I'm fully awake and not as angry, is a good thing.

So now there's this that has been added to my future Christmas/Birthday/Random Holiday wish list.

*Special thanks to bsj for the title of this post, and calling me out for watching reality TV. I believe he compared it to huffing glue...which is ironic, because that's exactly what I have to do to get through an episode with this man.

Wait, don't want to click the link? Okay. Here's the video for you.

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BSJ said...

You know, if you have Discovery HD Theater, I don't think you get commercials. Oh, and wow, throwing down on ol' Bear... I'm a little disappointed. I guess I just thought you were better than that...