Friday, May 09, 2008

Hello, my love

Now, I'm a recovered reality TV junkie. Let me just get that out of the way. Gone are days when I would just DIE if I missed the latest Survivor, or Amazing Race. Now, if it's on and I'm home - great! If not, meh. Part of that was school, part of that was the urge to get outside more often with my dogs... I even thought part of it was growing up.

I was wrong.

So, when things have been especially stressful lately with school and finals and moving and stuff, I have taken to catching up on my favorite TV shows during my lunch hour at work. (I need to say a quick 'thank you' to the Gods at NBC, CBS and ABC who stream entire episodes for me to watch when I've got a moment. I don't even mind the 30 second commercials. I can still watch the entire show and even have time left over to check my email. On the other hand, CW4? You suck. I'm not even going to link to you. Dropping the episode streaming because you think it will increase your ratings is backward thinking that should have gone out with the nineties. Welcome to the 21st century and way to take a step backwards. Not that I watch any of your shows anyway....especially not Gossip Girl. Ahem. I mean jeeze...even MTV streams the Hills for me! Um, not that I watch that either.)

But I digress.

I was bored one day and decided to catch up on an old favorite - Survivor. Survivor and I had broken up sometime around the time I left my last job from hell. I think that years ago? Same ole' same ole', and I got bored. This season, well, it's online, I had free lunch hours when I could be studying. Done.

Ohmigod. Best. Season. Ever.

Seriously. I know reality TV is all about stereotypes. I get that. But I'm the kind of girl who watches Jerry Springer when she's home sick. It's just not that hard to entertain me. So this season? When there are evil women living up to every single stereotype about black widows that you can think of? Awesome. When they're preying on the innocent boys and ruthlessly backstabbing them while they continue o fall for the same plot over and over and over? Priceless. (Seriously, boys! You saw it happen to others, why would you be ANY different?!) Way to cast, CBS. Kudos to you. Even though I've watched every single episode online this season, I'll sure as hell be tuning into the finale on Sunday. I guess you get what you want after all.

So if you're interested in partaking a little Survivor drama, visit and have fun. You only have to start at Episode 10 to enjoy the bulk of the drama.

PS. To all of you Lost fans, I've still not seen an episode. Not now, and not ever. They even have all the seasons up online. No thanks. It takes place on an island, people!! (ha ha...get the irony? no? nothing??)

PPS. I get no money from CBS for posting this. I just wanted to share my happiness with the Survivor brilliance this season. Even my happiness that Grey's Anatomy is back on the air can't equal my happiness about Survivor. (maybe it's because Grey's is slipping for me. Seriously. What's up with this McDreamy with another chick crap??)


AnnD said...

Ya know I've never once seen an episode of "Survivor." And I can tell you exactly why. It was always on Thursdays at 8:00. Well, that was when "Friends was on and now that is when "The Office," "My Name is Earl," "30 Rock" and "Scrubs" is on! If Thursday night on NBC continues to occupy my time, I shalt never watch an episode of Survivor!

BSJ said...

I've never watched an episode of Survivor either. Not because there was anything better on, per se. Just that reality tv makes me gag. I lose enough brain cells as it is, and reality tv only acts as a catalyst. You could probably huff glue and get the same effect, and not waste the whole hour.

AnnD said...