Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Things I worry about

Sleeping alone for the first time in two years
Whether or not I'm making a horrible mistake
How I'm going to pay off the nice little credit card debt I accumulated from Machu Picchu.
What grade I got in Chemistry this semester.
How I'm going to find it in my tired soul to play nice with my new sister-in-law at future family functions.
The divine Ms. Em.
How Casey hasn't had a seizure in almost three months, and how the move might trigger one.
Where I'm going to find the motivation to lose weight this year
How many times I'll have to visit my hometown this summer to make up for the semester when I didn't have to go once.
How I can go and see all of my friends and family in every corner of the US and still afford food.
What my parents think about the path my life is taking
What a B means to my future
Whether or not I'm making a horrible mistake. (yes, I know that's on there twice.)


Farmerspice said...

So..when are you moving?? I'll be in the state again at the end of the month...do you need help??

AnnD said...

Awww...you included Emma...that mans so much to me! I'm back in the denial phase right now...enjoying it more than the depression phase. "Noooo..I don't have to call Riley to get direction to Hematology/Oncology." All the while knowing that the week is ending quickly and it needs to be done.

I hope that moving doesn't trigger another seizure for Casey!!! That would be terrible!

Credit card debt might take care of itself once you are a vet and making the big bucks!! Try not to worry about that so much.

Won't Casey sleep with you? Cash would totally be right next to me if I let him!!!

Jac said...

Well, you know if you come to NOVA your dear friend will split your plane ticket, put you up for free, and then spoil you with home-cooking, and yummy meals out and about...plus we can eat healthy and take long walks!

I understand how stressed out you feel. Once you get used to being on your own you will really enjoy it, really. At least, most of the time.