Thursday, May 29, 2008

Do-It-Yourself for Daughters

"Hey Dad, how do you install a new door?"
"A new door?"
"Yes. Say I wanted to install a new front door. How do I do that?"
"You go to Lowe's and ask someone to help you. They have contractors that do that."
"Okay. And I also need to... Hey, hold on a sec. Is that the same answer that you would have given [insert little brother's name here] if he had asked you?"
"What would you have told him?"
"Doesn't matter. You're Emily. Go to Lowe's."
"Seriously?! C'mon. I can do things! I'm capable!"

This is the sort of thing I'm facing when asking about various fix-it issues I'm finding in my new home. Since having that conversation with my father, I found out that you don't need a whole new door to put in a doorknob. Live and learn, right? (originally there was no doorknob...just a handle - like a cabinet handle - and two deadbolts. There is now a doorknob and a deadbolt :-)

BTW - don't judge me on my household ignorance. I was/am content to rent for the rest of my life....spare me the lecture please. I would just as soon call someone to come and fix things and not have to worry about how my yard looks, or if my gutters are hanging, or if that crazy dog dug up the carpet and destroyed the door. (I've seen what crazy dogs can do to homes that people actually own. Yes, Ann, I'm looking at you.) Maybe that will change someday, but for now, I do not want the responsibility. Please. I have enough worries trying to get myself to school and to work and to pay my bills and to take care of my dogs. And my cat.

However, in this place I'm also (hold on to your seats everyone) painting various rooms and walls, as well as purchasing curtains. Why is this significant? Well, it's never been done before. Ever. In the various apartments I've inhabited, I've hung various items on the walls to give color, but I have never painted, and I've never purchased curtains - just left the miniblinds.

I got keys on Monday, so I've been through several times, and my list of to-dos looks like this:

1) Purchase and install three new light fixtures
2) Buy new stove things that go beneath the burners (what the hell are they called? You know...the metal things that catch the soup when I boil it over...)
3) Paint the trim in all rooms
4) Paint one wall in living room, entire kitchen and bedroom
5) Scrub everything
6) Replace various missing screws
7) Purchase some sort of bathroom caddy to hold various girl crap

Some of those things are covered by the landlord in a "you-fix-it-and-give-me-recipts" kind of way. Obviously the painting is all me. The cleaning is because I'm OCD.

This should be an interesting journey, no? I'll try to take before and after pictures, but I promise nothing...

Oh yes. I got lost on the way to volleyball from my new house last night. Theoretically, my commute to volleyball should be shortened by 20 minutes. In reality, it took me just as long as usual because I got lost. My house is 7 miles from volleyball and I got lost. It took me 30 minutes to get there. I'm awesome. And capable. Did I mention capable?


The Carrels said... have a lot of work to do!!! Good luck with your painting...I hate to paint...

AnnD said...
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AnnD said...

I hate home repairs! Hate, despise, am mind-numbingly bored by....those are good words to describe me attitude. When we moved into this house and were trying to paint room after room, including the damn trim. I seriously had a hissy fit, break down thing and was henceforth banned from any home repairs. Jim has the "skillz" for sure but the time to complete them, he lacks. And having a dog that mangles your house up at least once a year doesn't help any.

AnnD said...

I suck. I deleted my first post because of a typo and now there is a typo in my 2nd post. Screw it. You know what I mean.

Farmerspice said...

wow...can you come to my house?? I've been needing to some of that to my house...that I've owned for 3 years now. Good Lord. Electrician comes next week.

Farmerspice said...

p.s. I called my dad when I was in DC and said can you mow my yard?? My mower won't start and I'm gone - please? He said sure. Ha! When I came home from DC my dad had a new lawn mower for me that's not's his but it's to be stored at my house. ha!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I hate home repair, however, for some insane reason I enjoy painting and decorating. You just let me know when you need some assistance and I'm there! And knowing you, I have to say you're completely capable. Some way, shape, or form, and you'll get it done. Sounds capable to me (or determined, or maybe stubborn- yet still capable).

BSJ said...

That's what I like about you. That can-do attitude. You certainly are capable. (Handi-capable?) Seriously, a whole door for a knob? Painting isn't so bad. Do what I do; marry someone who likes to paint, and has parents who like to paint, and get a job that requires you to travel a lot. Its like magic.

ems said...

Now THAT's funny. I'm jealous. Especially after this past weekend when I learned that painting SUCKS.