Tuesday, December 23, 2008

All I want for Christmas is...a visit from two dogs pit bulls?

I don't know what to do with my dogs for Christmas.

I mean, since my free dog sitter (ahem, the boy, ahem) is callously heading out of town to spend time with his family for the holidays instead of spending Christmas with Casey, I have this problem of two pit bulls that need to be taken care of while I'm supposed to be spending time with my family approximately 200 miles away. I'm distraught. I mean, how could the boy leave this cuteness?? For what? Family time? Pshaw. (Awesome pictures by Ann.)

Realistically, I probably knew this would happen eventually...I just didn't think it through all the way to the end. "Eventually" remained a fuzzy idea next to "never gonna happen." I mean, who says I can't stagger all my visits home with the boy's. There is no reason that we ever had to be gone at the same time. Well, except for major holidays like Christmas. But really. Christmas isn't that important. Surely we could find some sort of compromise.

Interestingly, the boy isn't really up for compromising when he's giving up family time and I'm leaving him my dog to watch. Funny. But when I'm making baked goods for Christmas presents (with a distinct lack of baking skills) paying a pet sitter $15 per visit to watch my dog for five days doesn't quite work. So I'm left with the following options.

1. Take both dogs home for Christmas.

Part of me doesn't think it's fair to subject my cat-loving-no-dog-owning family to two pit bulls for their Christmas holiday. The other part of me doesn't really want to travel with both dogs. Especially after two trips with Blue flying solo. Blue who's so easy and laid back and calm and actually made the following words come out of my (strictly cat loving) mother's mouth, "If I had a dog, I would want one like Blue." So basically, no part of me wanted to make the call to my father on Monday asking how much of a pain it would be if I had to bring both dogs. (And keep in mind, after the calm demeanor of Blue, my parents have not rushed to re-invite Casey to their home...)

My father handled it with his usual calm manner and mentioned the issues I would face, but ultimately said I should bring them both in leiu of paying tons of money to keep one in Indy. I think I was kind of hoping he would say no so that I would be forced to board one of the dogs at the vet where I volunteer. For free.

Oh, did I not mention that as an option?

That's because, um, no. Like, no. Think about leaving your child at a daycare that is adequate in every respect. Just... adequate. It's clean-ish. Clean enough, anyway. They will feed the child, and give the child toys and keep the child clean...ish. The child will be alive when you return, but really, what sort of emotional scarring went on when you weren't there? I volunteer there and it's a perfectly acceptable kennel for $10/day. But you get what you pay for. And, um, if I have any other options, um.....no.

So we're goin' over the river and through the woods. All three of us*. Can't wait to see how THIS is gonna turn out. I'm gonna go conservative and say that I think only one thing will get broken while my dogs chase my parents' cats, only one meal will be disrupted by Casey's crying, and Emily will return frazzled and exhausted. Any other predictions? I'm taking a camera, so I'll post pictures. Winner gets free dog kisses.

*Laney has a guardian angel who will keep her fed and loved in Indy while I am out of town**
**This is the biggest plus in the column of "Cat" when attempting to decide to adopt a pet. There are millions of people/friends/acquaintances who will watch your cat for little more than a dinner out (or merely the promise of a dinner out someday...) But try to find a dog sitter and you hear crickets chirping in the distance.


Candace said...

I am on the other side of this coin...I have a relative visiting for two days with the GIANT CAT HATING golden lab. He will get the wonderful garage accommodations...it won't be too cold right?

Farmerspice said...

If I lived closer I'd gladly take one or both of the pooches. They like Betty well enough. But my belief is LOVE ME, LOVE MY DOGS! I can't wait to see the pictures and of course of Casey with her pointed ears on the back of the couch staring down the cat while blue sniffs around the corner and can't get there. I want your mom and dad's reactions too please.

zlionsfan said...

I am a genius for knowing that when I grew up, I would need to like cats and not dogs.

That is all.

AnnD said...

I hope it went okay! I know Blue is laid back but Casey seems laid back too! Of course, I've only spent time with her while she was being walked and in your house. I understand why you don't want to board them. I probably wouldn't even want to board Cash and I can't stand him!