Thursday, December 18, 2008

Death Becomes Her

I feel like I'm generally pretty healthy. I don't get sick often at all. In fact, I'll stand by that and say that 2008 was an anomaly. What with knocking on death's door in September, and then spending 24 hours in bed yesterday. I've been more sick this year than any other in recent memory. It's not fun. (But I will say that brief visits from boys bearing V-8 juice and cough drops are definite bright spots in the midst of sick.)

I'm back into work today, though I don't feel 100%. My head still feels like it's going to explode, and my throat still hurts, but at least I can swallow, move around, and somewhat concentrate today - unlike yesterday. My boss commented that I'm lucky that my body beat the sickness so fast and that it would take him at least three days. I wanted to tell him that it's merely my overdeveloped sense of responsibility that drags me into work today. If I thought I could, I would be back in bed with my flannel sheets and canine body warmers. Instead I just smiled and told him that I'm not yet all better, but I'm getting there.

The cruel irony of the situation is that after waiting for days for my grade after taking my final last Friday, it was posted at 8:00am yesterday. I got a text message from one of the guys in my class alerting me that grades were finally up and I could go online anytime to check them out.

Um, I don't have internet access at home.

So I just buried my head under my pillow and went back to sleep.

But I have no excuse for the fact that it's now 9:30am and I haven't yet checked to see how I did. Okay, I do have an excuse and it's that I'm a complete chicken shit.

So I'm sorry for the lack of posting. I was tired, and then I was sick. Let me get healthy and I'll be right back to posting...regularly.

Oh, and if you happen to get sick in the near future, I would recommend Blue as a great remedy. He doesn't actually make you feel any better, but he sure is cute to snuggle with.

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cgogis said...

Check your grade already!

And hope you feel better soon!