Wednesday, December 24, 2008


It's always very surreal to me when I have to work on Christmas eve. I mean, it's Christmas eve!! Am I not supposed to be with family right now? Sleeping in and baking things and preparing for Santa?

Instead I am at work wrapping up some mundane items that don't even matter because the rest of the world is already gone for the holiday. Sigh. It's enough to depress a girl.

So what I do to combat this is deck myself out in tacky Christmas jewelry...complete with sleigh bell around my neck. Every time I move, I sound like a damn reindeer, but I figure it's helping my boss get into the Christmas spirit, no? To remind my boss that it's Christmas eve, and I'm at the office, I've currently got on Christmas socks (that play music,) about five Christmas bracelets that jingle, the aforementioned sleigh bell, and small(ish) Christmas ornaments (that light up) as earrings. The Santa hat was too warm, so I had to take it off. (I would post pictures if I had one.)

I think he's getting the point. But then, I think that every year, and every year I'm here on Christmas eve. Sigh. Well, at least it's a half day.

I hope you all have a great Christmas with family all around you. Celebrate in the tackiest way possible! (alcohol is great for accomplishing that.)


cgogis said...

Boo. Merry Christmas Eve!
Hope you jingle as loudly as possible.

Moore said...

I worked on 12/24 as well. Good to know you were part of the Christmas Eve "working hard" club.

Moore said...
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