Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Look ma! I'm famous!

So, you know how, if you have a child, and they get this tiny bit part in a play or musical, you, as a parent, have to go to the play or musical and sit through the entire thing even though you only get to see your child for, like, two seconds? I know my parents had to do it for me...and my brother. And I've seen other parents have to do it, so I (as a non-parent) think that this is actually pretty common. You have children, they are involved in something, it is a Big Deal!! Parents, friends, neighbors, family must attend! Um, okay. Parents. Parents must attend.

Then, after the play, you have to praise your child from here to eternity for being in the play. They were just so adorable! And their part was very important! No one could have done it better!! It was a vital role and the play wouldn't have been the same without them!

This phenomenon also extends to any sort of spelling bee, choir performance, marching band competition, chess competition, etc etc. I'm pretty sure it's an important part of anyone's progression through childhood. At least, it should be.

Eventually most children outgrow this need. I mean, I think they do. Parents generally realize that their child is not the next Picasso or Mozart (even when they're heaping the praise) and the child eventually does too. The profusion of praise and joy trickles out and is reserved only for events that are a Really Big Deal, like some sort of graduation or nationally recognized promotion.

Me? Um, I never outgrew this need. At least, in some situations. Usually completely random, ridiculous situations. In these situations, I get super excited... and when I'm super excited about these little situations, I still want to be patted on the head and told something along the lines of "Emily, that is so awesome! I am so excited for you!"* Or, you know, something along those lines that you would say to a 31-year-old instead of a three-year-old.**

So here are your instructions. Watch the following promotional video for the Humane Society of Indianapolis. After watching, if, you know, you see anything worth commenting on, go ahead and leave a comment on this blog. Go on. I won't mind. Feel free.

*I don't care what you're thinking when you tell me these things. It might be insignificant to you... okay, it's PROBABLY insignificant to you. But I'm excited. Just indulge me :-)
**Even if it's something completely random. I mean, I know it's random, but I'm excited.


alisa said...

The kiss was adorable. So cute. And that puppy wouldn't have been able to get through that had you not given him the kiss. On the lips.

By the way, you look fabulous in scrubs :P

ems said...

Alisa? You rock. I didn't even think anyone would know it was me for the kiss :-) Thanks for indulging me!

Tristan said...

Thanks for posting the video and helping! It was a great day.

The Carrels said...

cute! :)

Becoming Grace said...

Hey you! I decided not to just copy/paste like I told you I would. But I am very proud of the work you do and you were meant to wear those scrubs!

Carrie said...

Look at you looking all professional. Wow! :)

Candace said...

You looked great! Good job!

Moore said...

Yes, that was pretty cool, and I can totally relate to your request.

L said...

Hey, if you can't shamelessly promote yourself on your own blog, where are you supposed to?

Congrats! :) That video makes me want a puppy. Maybe some day.