Thursday, February 12, 2009

Stir Crazy

So the weather here has been... temperamental... lately. I mean, it's not been fun with the wind and the rain and the melting snow, but that's not my problem. (BTW, thanks for that wind storm yesterday, California. Please feel free to send some sunshine soon....) My problem is that it's been crappy weather in which to own a dog. Think mud and paws and floors of houses and cold and wind and dogs not wanting to go outside.

We're all a little stir crazy right now. I tried to get a picture of the dogs rough housing in my tiny kitchen so that you would see how insane they are, but every time I got out the camera, Blue seemed mesmerized by what was in my hand. Luckily, Casey knows exactly what a camera is and ignored me completely. So basically you get a picture of the expression that is on either my face or Blue's nightly. It's a "Good LORD can we get Casey outside to let out some energy soon?! Please?" sort of expression.

Tomorrow I'll post some gratuitous cuteness because Blue is adorable and I'm trying to get as many pictures of him as possible while he's with me. (But, just between you and me, the last time I spoke to my dad, he seemed to be wavering on the whole taking the dog thing. I think I would be okay with whatever he decides, but I'm positive I won't be heartbroken if he says no. I'll keep you updated.)

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