Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Candlelit Dancing

First off, can I just say WANT. Totally unaffordable right now, and with the amount of time I have for "fun reading" would probably go unused a lot (which makes the price even more ridiculous for me) but still. Wanting has nothing to do with logic. And I want. I want it a lot.

This is why I need a sugar daddy. Interested parties can apply by commenting to this blog. I can't promise that I would be a good trophy girlfriend. I'm sort of independent. I'm probably not great for your ego either since I can do anything you can do, and do it better. Nor can I promise that I'll place you above my dogs in importance. After all, they were here first. But I am definitely good for daily reality checks, sarcasm, and sudden violent mood swings that can be deadly. Oh, and melodrama. I can do melodrama. (But it's adorable melodrama. Mostly. Sometimes.)

We should just go ahead and make the boy a saint now, no?

Friday night began VD weekend. The boy came over to watch my most favoritest show on TV ever. Seriously, I can not get enough of this show. It even ranks above Gossip Girl on my list of "can not miss," and we all know how much I love GG. I have a group of friends who gather to play trivia and eat wings on Fridays, and every week I face a serious dilemma when deciding whether or not to join them. I mean, I love me some wings and trivia... and I don't mind if I miss my show - I can catch it online. But I love the show so much that I want to share with the boy. We watch it together. If we miss it.... I can catch the missed episode, but getting him to see it is a bit trickier.

And so we end up lame and staying in on Fridays.

After the show on Friday, I turned off the lights, left the candle on the coffee table burning, and turned on my iPod sitting conveniently on the Bose dock on my entertainment center. The boy was seriously confused about what was going on. Not that I blame him. I don't do mushy gooey stuff like this often ever. Once I turned on the song and put up my arms, I think he got the picture. He almost leaped up off the couch. It made me laugh. We had a nice romantic candlelit dance for almost the entire song until Blue decided he wanted in on the action.

Saturday was incredibly hectic as I volunteered from 7:30am - 2:00pm and then had Casey decide to drive me bananas. I was tired and irritable when I arrived for my VD dinner at the boy's place... but Oh. My. God. was it a good meal. Yummy steak grilled to perfection. Sauteed portabello mushrooms. Sauteed zucchini. Potatoes. Wine. So Good. Apparently the boy really does know the way to a girl's heart. Or at least this girl's heart. I think the path is lined with steak. Medium rare.

So I guess I can't say that VD weekend was completely normal. There was that dinner. And that dance. But at least there was no Hallmark. Or stuffed animals. I think I can still hate the day on principle. As long as I remember to do the candelight dancing randomly throughout the year. Right?


alisa said...

Sounds pretty much perfect.

And I LOVE that song. Different artist sings it on one of my most favorite movies ever ... Notting Hill.

Jaclyn said...

When did you become a girl? Where's the real Emily?